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A Smile Costs Nothing!

It’s not always easy though, the more effort that goes into it the more scary looking people can become, wild eyes and quivering lips are never a good look especially with very important wedding photos!

So I thought it would be good to share a few easy steps to settle those photo nerves and ensure that your images are something you’ll be showing off forever.

No. 1: Be natural.

When it’s picture time, smile gently. That way, your face looks relaxed. Your mouth opens slightly, and your lower lip matches the curve of your upper teeth.

It’s the opposite of the quick smile that flashes across your face when you see an old friend. That makes your eyes squint and your neck muscles tense, which can make for an awkward-looking photo.

Ibiza Photography (5)No. 2: Stand up straight.

Does your smile sometimes make you look like you have a double chin? Then watch your posture, if you slouch or your head is too bent forward you won’t like how your smile looks. Turn your head slightly and drop your chin so your face is not completely square with the camera, you don’t even have to look directly into it all the time. Some of the nicest images in my opinion are those which are natural and show you as you are.

Ibiza Photography (10)

No. 3: Practice.Your perfect smile might not happen overnight so try out your best look in front of a mirror. Don’t be shy! You’ll then have plenty of time to see how it looks and feels when you hold your shoulders back proudly and strike a natural, unforced smile. You can also play around with turning your head and finding your best angle.Ibiza Photography (13)No.4: Get the groom to helpThat demure effortless smile doesn’t come naturally, sometimes we have to trick ourselves into it. I’ve found that asking the grooms to whisper nice things into the bride’s ear not only take their mind off of the photos session but it provides a really nice moment too. Try it at home between you, even saying the silliest things can get some good smiles on the go!

Ibiza Photography (48)

Above all don’t worry and don’t over think what you’re doing 🙂 The more relaxed you can be the more you will like the you in your pictures.

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