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A Must Read Wedding Interview at Amante, Ibiza

amante ibiza weddingLara & Daniel’s Amante Ibiza Wedding…

A beautiful venue with the sort of sea views you dream of. Then there’s the sun shining in that shimmery Ibiza way. All that’s left is a happy couple about to have a wonderful time with friends. What more could a wedding photographer ask for?! I had a wonderful time with Lara, Daniel and their guests and this is what they had to say about me, Ibiza and their amazing Amante wedding.

How did Daniel propose?

Daniel flew to Istanbul (very romantically!) to ask for my hand in marriage from my father. He then proposed to me the following weekend outside the Tapas restaurant he took me to on our very first dinner date. He gave nothing away all week and even left my engagement ring in his coat pocket in the restaurant cloakroom! After a reminder that he was still down on his knee due to me jumping around in excitement, I of course said yes!

Why did you choose Ibiza for your wedding?

Ibiza is our happy place. Daniel grew up going on holiday there each summer and it was one of our very first holiday destinations so its always been very special to us.

Why did you choose Amante Ibiza for your wedding? Would you recommend it to others?

There has never been any other option but Amante for us. We went there for a day on our first ever holiday together to Ibiza. From then on we fell in love with the views, the food, the service and the fantastic atmosphere instantly. We didn’t visit any other wedding venues during our planning period! We just booked and paid our deposit the day the 2018 dates came out… I think I might always be remembered as the keenest bride they have had!
Did your guests enjoy their visit to Ibiza?
They had a wonderful time. Some never had Ibiza on their list of must see places but they all instantly fell in love with the Ibiza charm and magic.
A short review of your photographer 🙂
Anne was absolutely fantastic from start to finish.
She gave fantastic advise regarding lighting and where we would get the best shots from in the venue. Amante is very stringent on timings which Anne completely respected and worked around. I am also so glad we listened and went up to the woodland area around our venue – the photographs look like paintings!!
We have just seen our photos, and are completely in love with them. Anne managed to capture so many wonderful shots! She was also incredibly discreet in doing so!
We are absolutely overjoyed with the moments that Anne has captured on our day, we will cherish them forever.
Thank you Anne xx
Other info can you provide me the names of where you bought your
Dress – Eternity Brides Dress from Treasured Brides, York.
Rings – Neil Lane Platinum Collection
Hair & Make Up – Brides make up by Louise Maxwell, Bridesmaids make up by Lauren Buckley.
Are you planning an Amante Ibiza Wedding? Do you need any more Ibiza wedding info?? Then you’re in the right place 🙂 You can get in contact with me, I’m Anne by the way, any time at
Or for those wanting a proper chat then call or whatsapp on +34 699 81 46 66
Or please feel free to have a look around. My blog has all sorts of useful stuff to read, up to date Ibiza wedding galleries, handy news, you name it!
Love, Anne xx

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