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Category : Weddings

28 Apr 2018
Ibiza beach photography ideas

Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography Ideas

  Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography Ideas The ceremony has finished and you’ve had a couple of glasses of fizz with your guests. Now’s the time for the couple shoot. You’re lucky enough to be having your wedding in Ibiza so it’s likely you’ll be having your pictures on the beach. Ibiza is famous for its spectacular scenery & you’ll be wanting some great shots, so this part of the day is crucial. What Can I Expect? First of all don’t worry! […]

19 Jan 2018

Carly & Mark’s Fantastic Ibiza Villa Wedding!

An Amazing Ibiza Villa Wedding We are very lucky here in Ibiza it's literally bursting with jaw dropping scenery and amazing views. As you can imagine that also goes for our wedding venues. One of the best parts of the job as a photographer is seeing all the fabulous places there are on the Island to get hitched. Clifftops, churches, beaches, villas, there's literally something for everyone who is in love. See the gallery Carly & Mark's Ibiza villa wedding [...]
16 Oct 2017
Ibiza photography - Elixir Ibiza wedding

Hannah & Steven’s Elixir Wedding Story

Our Story... Hannah & Steven. Elixir Ibiza Wedding ♥ How did you meet? We have known each other since secondary school although we didn't get together until ten years after we left school! We share a lot of the same friends so it's really nice to have all grown up together like one big family! Ibiza was the perfect place for our wedding as we weren't really fussed on anything too traditional but just wanted to have a really chilled [...]
23 Mar 2017
Ibiza Wedding Photographer

There’s a wedding fair in Ibiza!

Yes Ibiza has its own wedding fair… And it’s soon! You might think that it’s no big deal, there are loads of weddings in Ibiza right? But usually our couples seek out fairs in their own countries before heading over to celebrate their big day with us here in Ibiza. So it’s really nice to see a wedding fair happening on the Island. This means there’s now no excuse to come on over and enjoy some pre-summer Ibiza sunshine before […]

13 Mar 2017
09 Feb 2017

Juan & Olga – Ibiza Pregnancy Shoot

What a great day to take pictures! We all know that location is a really aspect in any shoot but in this case Olga and Juan reminded me that the people you’re working with are just as important. In fact when I get a couple like this it feels as if I’m not even working 🙂 A pregnancy shoot is a lovely reminder of life before a first child sees the world and also an opportunity to show off the […]

09 Jan 2017

Happy New Year!

I know it’s a bit late but I’ve only just got myself back to Ibiza after some weeks spent in the UK. The highlight of the trip was definitely seeing in the new year in Edinburgh, wow what a beautiful city! If you’ve never been then put it on your list, it’s fantastic. So now I’m back and work begins again, well a bit of work, it is only January still. This will focus mainly on my social media accounts […]

13 Oct 2016

My Ibiza Weddings 2016

Well my Summer is over and I wanted to create a little memory of my favourite Wedding moments and say a big thank you to everyone who has made me a part of their big day! xxx  

29 Sep 2016

Your Ibiza Wedding – Should it be insured?

This may seem a strange question for a photographer to address but I do get asked this quite a lot… Now is the time a lot of couples are thinking about their 2017 weddings whether they are in the UK or abroad so it’s only natural for this subject to crop up. The appeal of an Ibiza wedding, apart from the wonderful surroundings and amazing venues, is that it can cost you considerably less than a wedding at home but that […]

26 Sep 2016

Rachel & Matt – A Wonderful Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a really exciting and fun packed wedding here in Ibiza, Rachel and Matt were staying in the recently refurbished La Goleta Hotel in Playa den Bossa, I went along to capture some of the getting ready moments and then along to their beautiful wedding venue. August is incredibly hot for an Ibiza Wedding but we all persevered and even managed to find a great little spot down on the beach for their couples […]