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How do I choose my Ibiza Wedding photographer?

choose ibiza wedding photographerYou’re getting married in Ibiza? Congratulations!! You’ve made an awesome choice 🙂 And you’ve probably already decided on your venue which means that now’s the time to focus on the other stuff. Most couples will now start thinking about their photography and specifically their photographer, those photos are a big part of the day.
A quick search will reveal pages and pages of results and you’ll see that there’s a few out there. So with that in mind how can you decide?

Read on to find out my tips on choosing your perfect Ibiza Wedding Photographer…

There seem to be lots of wedding photographers, where do I start?

Most of your research is understandably going to be on line and that’s a great place to begin. Thanks to the internet us wedding photographers can get our work out there easily and really showcase what we have to offer.
But what if you’ve had a look around and like all the photos you see?

The Process…

Make a short list. This should include your own results and maybe also some recommendations from your wedding planner. Once done get in touch. We all like hearing from our potential clients and it will help if you specify your date and venue. This isn’t just to check availability, it’s good to know too if  your photographer is familiar with the area or has worked there before. How long have they been on the Island and how much wedding experience do they have? Not just generally but actually in Ibiza. I’ve been here for almost 20 years and have been shooting at Ibiza weddings for almost 10.
So you’ve enquired with a few photographers and had some nice replies. This is the moment to get dowchoose ibiza wedding photographern to it and decide who you like best.  It’s important to ask some specific questions here. What style does the photographer have, does it fit in with what you want. What sort of turnaround will there be? How many photos can you expect to receive? Take your time with the answers and above all make sure you’re happy with what you get back. I don’t believe in just trying to get the booking, the main thing should be that we both feel happy talking to each other and that we get on,. Being comfortable is a big part of getting good photos so I like for my clients to have seen lots of my work and to like what they’ve heard, after that we can go about securing the date.

I hope this has helped with your decision making – an Ibiza wedding is amazing and I’ve enjoyed every one I’ve been at 🙂 For more info or if you feel you’d like a chat then please get in touch any time at 

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