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What can I expect on my wedding day from my photographer?

Ibiza wedding photographer
Just what can I expect on my wedding day from my photographer?

It’s a question that doesn’t get asked enough! What expectations do you have for your wedding photographer?
I think we can all agree that the process of choosing your photographer is a very personal one. It’s an essential element of the day and the results provided are going to live with you for a lifetime. Therefore your expectations need to be understood from the outset, it will make things so much easier later on!

 Your Ibiza wedding day…

ibiza wedding photographerIf we’ve created a package including bridal prep I’ll be coming to the hotel or villa around an hour and half before the bride sets off for the ceremony venue. The first thing I’ll do is have a quick chat with the bride and introduce myself to everyone else. From then on please ignore me. Don’t feel bad, it’s what works best! I’ll begin by capturing a few details, no lenses in faces at this point don’t worry. This just gets everyone used to the fact that I’m there and you can all start feeling more comfortable having a photographer wandering about.


From there I’ll move on and focus on the make up and hair – I’ll alwaysexpectations wedding photographer try to keep at a discreet distance and you can feel free to not pay me any attention whatsoever. If I need you to look up at me or do something specific I’ll let you know so there’s never any doubt. The final part of this process is of course getting the dress on. I never take pictures of any nudity, it’s inevitable but doesn’t make for nice album shots! These photos are purely of the dress almost on and then getting it into position and done up nicely.

If there’s time…

It’d be great to get some shots with your bridesmaids and any family you have with you but I find it’s best if I can then leave you at least 15 minutes before your car comes. There’s 2 reasons for this, 1 is so that I can get some nice shots at the venue and some of the groom with his best man and the other is so that you can get a few moments with your wedding party, and possible a glass of fizz before all the fun begins!

At the venue

The most stressful ibiza wedding photographytime of any wedding is the half hour before the ceremony, so I am careful to only get the photos essential to your day and then concentrate on details. The bride’s arrival and photos with bridesmaids are all taken as calmly and quickly as possible, don’t worry I won’t be creating difficult poses and delaying the most important part of things!
After this point you won’t notice me at all; the ceremony will run itself and the next time you’ll see me is once everyone has congratulated you. Once everyone has moved off to the drinks area I’ll get a quick couple of portrait shots and then give you some time with your guests.

The Couple shots…

The part which every couple seems to dread!! This is where I think it’s most important the expectations you have of your wedding photographer are really clear. Every couple should be prepared for how easy this part is gibiza wedding photographyoing to be!

There’s nothing better than people just being themselves and enjoying each other’s company but believe it or not the majority of people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. Therefore a little gentle direction goes a long way. Please don’t worry about anything, I will always let you know what I’d like for you to do and then leave you to it until I feel we can do something different. There’ll be no forced cheesy posing, no spinning around in each others arms and certainly no running up and down the beach! Well unless you both want to 🙂 This should take maximum half an hour. I also usually ask for a bridesmaid or 2 to come and help us which also serves to make things more comfortable for you. A friendly face is always welcome.

Once these shots are done then we can get a few friends and family groups together. I don’t spend lots of time on these as it does tend to take you away from everyone but I do understand that certain shots do need to be taken. I recommend making a list and giving a copy to the chief bridesmaid so she can help me.

The meal…

No one likes a photo of themselves eating so this time is my break time and I will be putting the camera down at this point until the speeches begin.

Cutting the cake and the first dance…

ibiza photography anne walkerOnce the speeches are over your wedding planner will usually get the party started by asking you to cut the cake and then begin your first dance. I will be around for this and also to capture the start of the party.

So that’s it, everything you can expect from your day with me. Remember my job is to make sure that you love your photos all you have to do is enjoy yourselves 🙂

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