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Family Photography in Ibiza

family photography ibiza

Surround yourself with those that make you happy

Family Photography IbizaWise words. And definitely something to remember. This winter I was asked by friends to come along and photograph their young family as it grows.

This hasn’t strictly been my area of expertise, after all I’m far more used to photographing weddings for a living. But I was surprised both by how similar family photography is to wedding photography and how much I enjoyed the experience!

We’re very fortunate here in Ibiza in that not only are there great beaches but there is beautiful countryside too. So for my first assignments I’ve made use of both and I have to say I’ve loved it 🙂

family photography ibizaThe couples

First came Olga and Juan who wanted some relaxed photography of her last week of pregnancy. We headed down to a deserted Cala Conta beach to get some shots of them and include the beautiful backdrop. Olga also had a great idea of painting hers and Juan’s hands in order to have them placed on her tummy. Once baby comes along then we can recreate the shot with his hand included…. Thankfully we did that at the end of the session as what Olga hadn’t realised was that she should have also brought something to get the paint off afterwards! Not sure how that drive home went!

The families

My next family photography ibizatwo shoots were with good friends who had children and were expecting more. This we did in the countryside near San Agustin where we set up amongst fields of flowers, tumbledown ruins and stone walls. Here we could just let the kids run around and be themselves. There was hardly any need for interference from me as we all skipped around either taking pictures in my case or trying to jump out of them in the case of the parents!




All these shots and any new work you can find in my new family photography gallery

My aim is to make all my shoots as relaxed as possible and make the most of both the natural environment and your unique personalities. So if you have a bump, baby, partner, group of friends or family that you’d like to be photographed then feel free to get in touch at

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