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Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography – My Favourites

I think the most difficult thing couples face when considering their wedding photography is how can this person we barely know capture us, like the real us? That’s why I love to chat to you first, find out your interests, why you love Ibiza too, what sort of wedding are you having? All those things that make you you and your day super special. I want everyone I work with to feel as relaxed as possible; maybe not 100% attainable whilst on a public beach in a wedding dress but we can get near it!

One of the best things about an Ibiza Wedding are all those amazing photos you can show off of you and your most loved looking blissed out on a beautiful beach. All that sunshine and stunning scenery should be captured in a fun yet dedicated way which is why our Ibiza beaches are my most favourite places 🙂

I’ve been an Ibiza Wedding Photographer for almost 10 years now which makes me one very lucky girl. I love what I do, not only because I enjoy meeting new people and taking pictures of them but because I’ve got to see so many new corners of this wonderful island. I like nothing more than showing off a secret cove or cliff top and then getting to do a shoot there that will be treasured.

I know I’ve had a good shoot when a couple or family tells me they’ve had fun and enjoyed the experience, that means the world to me 🙂 So I hope you’ve enjoyed my favourite Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography examples and have got some inspiration for your own wedding. To see more Ibiza Wedding Photography favourites head on over to my Instagram, Pinterest or Wedding Galleries 🙂 

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