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1st Ibiza Light Festival!

The first ever Ibiza Light Festival has arrived! Yesterday armed with my map I went off to explore what it was all about.

According to their facebook info this is a new cultural event that uses light, video, sound and performance-art in Ibiza Town’s marina. The result? Many well-known monuments, streets, buildings and squares of the marina have been targeted in this free-to-attend festival which encourages interaction and just a little bit of wonder.
Not what you would usually associate with Ibiza this is a brave attempt to showcase the recently rejuvenated port area. I admit I had my doubts but as the sun went down and the installations plugged themselves in groups of all ages could be seen hunting out the 16 different pieces, the bars and restaurants were bustling with trade and it was a pleasure to be sharing such a unique experience.

All in all it’s an excellent and inventive way to explore the streets and get involved with an art form that we don’t usually come into contact with.

Tonight (15 oct) is the last night to check out what’s happening so if you can head down to the port area from 8, seek out a volunteer, grab a map and get involved!

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