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10 Dec 2018

Real Ibiza Wedding Interview – Natalie & James.

Real Wedding Ibiza @ Cala Gracioneta Natalie & James were married at Cala Gracioneta in August. Theirs was a very enjoyable and relaxed day with a real emphasis on family. I loved every minute but can say my favourite part was the sunset dip - it was so hot I think the whole wedding party just walked into the sea! This is their real Ibiza wedding interview... How did you both meet? Or if you prefer how did James propose? [...]
05 Dec 2018

Elixir Ibiza Weddings – My Favourites!

Elixir Ibiza Weddings – The photos I love best. I’ve always said I’m very fortunate, living and working in such a beautiful place like Ibiza doesn’t seem real sometimes! I’ve been a wedding photographer here for more than 10 years now and lived here for almost 20. I know where did that go?! Last Summer was one of my favourite seasons and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every wedding I shot. One of my favourite places to be […]

31 Oct 2018

Casa Maca – Amazing Ibiza Wedding Venue

Casa Maca Ibiza Weddings Casa Maca is definitely putting itself on the Ibiza Wedding Map. A communion a few years ago was my only experience of this once family run farmstead and I can confirm it has now made a big change for the better! This 300 year old farmhouse complex has been around a fair few years it’s true but its recent renovation has taken things to the next level 🙂 A clever redesign with modern twists has created […]

10 Sep 2018
ibiza wedding venue

7 Pines, a Luxury Ibiza Wedding Venue with Wow!

7 Pines, an Amazing Luxury Ibiza Wedding Venue. Last week I was invited to see the new and beautiful 7 Pines Ibiza ( which  sits just perfectly between the sunset beaches of Cala Conta & Cala Codolar. I met Marta who is the very professional and also very friendly group and events coordinator. She kindly showed me around the self contained resort and explained everything about the hotel and their new Ibiza Wedding programme.   The Hotel. First things first. [...]
30 Aug 2018

Real Ibiza Wedding – Georgia & Shane, Elixir

Georgia & Shane's Real Ibiza Wedding at Elixir. As soon as I met Georgia & Shane I knew their wedding would be a great day. Both living in Bahrain they chose Ibiza as their favourite spot to bring family and friends to celebrate and where better than at Elixir? The Getting Ready. Georgia & Shane rented a beautiful villa close to Ibiza town. Unlike a lot of hotels I find myself in it had bags of room and loads of [...]
24 Aug 2018

Meet the Elixir Ibiza Wedding Planner!

This week I'm at Elixir Ibiza which is perfectly located, perched upon a cliff overlooking Cala Codolar Beach and Es Vedra. Elixir is a dedicated wedding only venue, what does that mean? It means they only do weddings. No food service on the side, no beach goers wandering around behind your ceremony, no blow up doughnuts or huge pizza slices in the background! If you're looking for a dedicated customer focused service with amazing food and stunning views this is the place [...]
23 Jul 2018

Ibiza Wedding Interview – Jenna & Luke. Elixir Ibiza.

Jenna & Luke's Ibiza Wedding Interview - Elixir Ibiza. As wedding days go this one couldn't really have been more perfect. The sun was shining, the bride looked stunning and the venue was amazing ♥  This is Jenna & Luke's wedding interview... How did you both meet? And how did Luke propose? Me and Luke met through friends 11 years ago and have been happy together ever since. We’ve grown up through our 20’s together. Luke proposed in New York [...]
03 Jul 2018

Meet the Ibiza Wedding Planners!

The Ibiza Wedding Planners. This week. Lucy Dyer - Mambo Weddings & Events. Ibiza is understandably one of the best & most popular places in the world to have your destination wedding. So with all these ceremonies going on it's easy to wonder just where should you turn for the best advice. I've been a wedding photographer on the island for many years now so have met a fair few planners. I wanted to know how things work for them, [...]
30 Jun 2018

Jenny & David’s San Agustin Ibiza Wedding

A Beautiful San Agustin Ibiza Wedding Whenever I'm asked to shoot a wedding up at the beautiful San Agustin church my first reaction is always a big yes! So when Sam from Wedding Ceremonies Ibiza got in contact I was straight up that hill and looking forward to a lovely wedding 🙂 The day was amazing, sun shining, little white church perfect as always in its hill top position. Everything looked great. Jenny & David wanted to keep things [...]
17 Jun 2018

Aiyanna’s Ibiza Beach Food Festival ♥

Ibiza Beach Food Festival - Aiyanna There's no doubt about it street food is IN! And it seems that Ibiza although not famous for it's urban vibe is getting in on that action too! What it lacks in street appeal it more than makes up for in Beaches. So why not a street food bonanza right there on the sand?! Last Saturday saw just this, the Ibiza Beach Food festival at the lovely Aiyanna. If you haven't heard of it [...]
02 Jun 2018

A Must Read Wedding Interview at Amante, Ibiza

Lara & Daniel’s Amante Ibiza Wedding… A beautiful venue with the sort of sea views you dream of. Then there’s the sun shining in that shimmery Ibiza way. All that’s left is a happy couple about to have a wonderful time with friends. What more could a wedding photographer ask for?! I had a wonderful time with Lara, Daniel and their guests and this is what they had to say about me, Ibiza and their amazing Amante wedding. How did […]

04 May 2018

My 12 Most Instagrammable Places in Ibiza

Where to @ Instagram Ibiza?? If you search Instagram Ibiza you’ll see heaps of varied results. There’s no doubt about it Ibiza is an amazing destination and any Instagrammer’s dream. From beautiful beaches to Instaworthy countryside and idyllic villages. In this post you’ll discover the 20 most Instagrammable places. All the must see spots which are just lining up ready to do business in your feed and make everyone jealous back home! Cala Escondida (Cala Conta) @calaescondidaibiza Billing itself as […]

28 Apr 2018
Ibiza beach photography ideas

Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography Ideas

  Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography Ideas The ceremony has finished and you’ve had a couple of glasses of fizz with your guests. Now’s the time for the couple shoot. You’re lucky enough to be having your wedding in Ibiza so it’s likely you’ll be having your pictures on the beach. Ibiza is famous for its spectacular scenery & you’ll be wanting some great shots, so this part of the day is crucial. What Can I Expect? First of all don’t worry! […]

26 Apr 2018

A Surprise Ibiza Proposal!!

The Proposal... He asked and she said YES! Well no, it wasn't that simple there was some sneaky planning to be done for this Ibiza proposal but the end result were happy tears and an up-coming Ibiza Wedding 🙂 Martijn originally contacted me back in February asking if a surprise cliff top proposal was something I could capture for him. It took me all of about 2 seconds to say hell yes absolutely I'd love to count me in!! And [...]
06 Feb 2018
ibiza wedding photographer

The 5 things you need to look for in an Ibiza Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Ibiza Wedding Photographer… It’s quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed when planning your Ibiza Wedding from afar. There are so many elements to manage and things to decide. But choosing your Ibiza Wedding Photographer shouldn’t be a stressful experience, not if you keep these essential 5 things in mind… Price. Ok, so this is always going to be an important element. Photography is up there with the things you will  most likely spend the most money on. […]

19 Jan 2018

Carly & Mark’s Fantastic Ibiza Villa Wedding!

An Amazing Ibiza Villa Wedding We are very lucky here in Ibiza it's literally bursting with jaw dropping scenery and amazing views. As you can imagine that also goes for our wedding venues. One of the best parts of the job as a photographer is seeing all the fabulous places there are on the Island to get hitched. Clifftops, churches, beaches, villas, there's literally something for everyone who is in love. See the gallery Carly & Mark's Ibiza villa wedding [...]
26 Dec 2017

A Rest Before the 2018 Wedding Season

Ibiza 2018 Wedding Season will be here before we know it 🙂 And that makes me very happy!! But first there has been some time to slow down and relax a little. I'm from London and I love London. Not everyone who I've seen shuffling around on the tube and busy streets may agree with me though! I've spent lots of time thinking how this makes me feel. On one hand I'm loving London at Christmas time, the busy streets [...]
21 Nov 2017
planning ibiza wedding

Why you should be using Pinterest for planning your Ibiza Wedding.

Why Use Pinterest For Planning Your Ibiza Wedding? All weddings take a lot of research and planning. For some it’s the best bit, getting everything organised and spending time deciding on the perfect elements. But when your wedding is in another country this can change things. In the past the thing to do would be to reach for Google send a few emails and hope for the best, but now we have Pinterest and thank goodness for that! You’ll be pleased […]

13 Nov 2017

Ibiza Wedding Packages… Which One Should I Choose?

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Alfred Eisenstaedt Ibiza Wedding Packages… what’s on offer? Your wedding photos are really important, they’re probably the 2nd or 3rd thing on your list to organise after you’ve secured your perfect venue. But there’s so much info to wade through and so many wedding packages to consider. Every Photographer will be offering all sorts of combinations so which one should you choose? I’ve been a wedding photographer […]

30 Oct 2017

Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography – My Favourites

I think the most difficult thing couples face when considering their wedding photography is how can this person we barely know capture us, like the real us? That's why I love to chat to you first, find out your interests, why you love Ibiza too, what sort of wedding are you having? All those things that make you you and your day super special. I want everyone I work with to feel as relaxed as possible; maybe not 100% attainable [...]
26 Oct 2017

My Favourite Portrait Photography Shots

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Every Ibiza wedding is a unique and special event which you should look back on with a big smile on your face! I love providing a natural and relaxed approach which helps put you at your ease but sometimes there has to be some light posing... light is the word and [...]
16 Oct 2017
Ibiza photography - Elixir Ibiza wedding

Hannah & Steven’s Elixir Wedding Story

Our Story... Hannah & Steven. Elixir Ibiza Wedding ♥ How did you meet? We have known each other since secondary school although we didn't get together until ten years after we left school! We share a lot of the same friends so it's really nice to have all grown up together like one big family! Ibiza was the perfect place for our wedding as we weren't really fussed on anything too traditional but just wanted to have a really chilled [...]
11 Oct 2017
Ibiza Photography - Anne Walker

5 of my Favourite Ibiza Wedding Venues…

Looking for a great place to get married in Ibiza? Ibiza is the best place for an unforgettable day and it’s a real privilege to be able to work here doing what I love. I have so many couples ask me which are the nicest Ibiza wedding venues, there are just so many! And so many are truly amazing. So today I’m going to share my 5 tried and tested favourites! I’ll add a few photos from each and also a link to […]

30 Aug 2017

7 Ibiza Wedding Suppliers you should be following

So you’re getting married in Ibiza? Then I’m pretty sure that you’ve already done a lot of looking around on the internet! It can be a tricky business I know, all that investigating, planning, booking and then wondering if you’ve made the right decision. If you’ve gone with a planner can you trust them? If you haven’t can you trust yourself? Well you don’t have to worry, in the last 10 years of being an Ibiza wedding photographer I have got […]

02 Aug 2017

How do I choose my Ibiza Wedding photographer?

You’re getting married in Ibiza? Congratulations!! You’ve made an awesome choice 🙂 And you’ve probably already decided on your venue which means that now’s the time to focus on the other stuff. Most couples will now start thinking about their photography and specifically their photographer, those photos are a big part of the day. A quick search will reveal pages and pages of results and you’ll see that there’s a few out there. So with that in mind how can […]

05 Jun 2017

Charlotte & Martyn’s Ibiza Wedding – El Chiringuito, Cala Gracioneta

If you’re looking for an amazing beach-side venue and would like to be looked after by one of Ibiza’s best wedding planners then El Chiringuito at Cala Gracioneta is the place ♥ I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot a wedding here last week and was so impressed with the great views, attention to detail and the laid back vibe. There are so many hidden places to take photos and of course the beach is right on the door […]

16 May 2017

Julie and Barry’s Ibiza Wedding Story

My first Ibiza wedding of 2017  was up at the impossibly beautiful Santa Eulalia church, Puig de Missa. Perched high up above pretty countryside and blue seas this church is by far one of the most stunning to be found anywhere. Julie and Barry are family of friends of mine so I was very excited to be asked to be their wedding photographer. All from Ireland their group totalled 110 which really takes some organising! As they’d been coming here […]

11 May 2017
family photography ibiza

Family Photography in Ibiza

Surround yourself with those that make you happy Wise words. And definitely something to remember. This winter I was asked by friends to come along and photograph their young family as it grows. This hasn’t strictly been my area of expertise, after all I’m far more used to photographing weddings for a living. But I was surprised both by how similar family photography is to wedding photography and how much I enjoyed the experience! We’re very fortunate here in Ibiza in […]

29 Apr 2017
Ibiza Photography - posing tips

Now I’m blogging for Ibiza wedding guide!

I’ve lived in Ibiza for a long time and I’ve been lucky enough to work as a wedding photographer for lots of years. So why not share all that wedding knowledge and experience with the world? Every wedding is different and should reflect your personalities together as a couple, but there are 1000’s of ways to create something unique and personal to you. So where do you start? Well I’m going to try and help by sharing what I know. […]

21 Apr 2017

My favourite Wedding Ceremony Images – read on to get some Inspiration for your Ibiza Wedding!

It’s the most important part of the day but it’s rarely enjoyed to the full and it certainly goes by all too quickly. Nerves are usually to blame but there’s really nothing to worry about! As an Ibiza wedding photographer I’ve seen lots of ceremonies, every one is different and I’ve loved them all. That’s why I’ve put together some of my favourite photos from Ibiza weddings past and present to hopefully give you an idea as to what your […]

11 Apr 2017

10 Tips for Successful Wedding Posing

How to pose for successful Ibiza Wedding Photos… Like all Ibiza Wedding Photographers I’m never usually asked to produce traditional wedding photos. Quite the opposite in fact! If there is one concern which is voiced above all others it’s please don’t pose us! So how do you achieve those natural and care free looking wedding shots? After all you don’t want to feel like you’ve been in a photography studio all day! Any Ibiza wedding photography should be light and […]

23 Mar 2017
Ibiza Wedding Photographer

There’s a wedding fair in Ibiza!

Yes Ibiza has its own wedding fair… And it’s soon! You might think that it’s no big deal, there are loads of weddings in Ibiza right? But usually our couples seek out fairs in their own countries before heading over to celebrate their big day with us here in Ibiza. So it’s really nice to see a wedding fair happening on the Island. This means there’s now no excuse to come on over and enjoy some pre-summer Ibiza sunshine before […]

13 Mar 2017
09 Mar 2017
09 Feb 2017

Juan & Olga – Ibiza Pregnancy Shoot

What a great day to take pictures! We all know that location is a really aspect in any shoot but in this case Olga and Juan reminded me that the people you’re working with are just as important. In fact when I get a couple like this it feels as if I’m not even working 🙂 A pregnancy shoot is a lovely reminder of life before a first child sees the world and also an opportunity to show off the […]

09 Jan 2017

Happy New Year!

I know it’s a bit late but I’ve only just got myself back to Ibiza after some weeks spent in the UK. The highlight of the trip was definitely seeing in the new year in Edinburgh, wow what a beautiful city! If you’ve never been then put it on your list, it’s fantastic. So now I’m back and work begins again, well a bit of work, it is only January still. This will focus mainly on my social media accounts […]

25 Nov 2016

Home should be where the heart is….

Surely poverty doesn’t exist in Ibiza? Can there be that many homeless people? This is the standard reaction when there is any mention of this subject. But the reality is very different and made all the more harder to do anything about because there is so little awareness of the fact that yes there is plenty of poverty and plenty of homeless people too. With this is mind the local branch of the charity Caritas took to the streets yesterday to highlight […]

18 Nov 2016

New Ibiza Events Gallery

Nice to have some time to update the website and keep things fresh. I’ve just added in another gallery page for all those Ibiza Events which keep us entertained throughout the summer and winter months. It’s definitely a great place to be! Ibiza Event Photography To see more Ibiza Photography images please feel free to use these links to have a look around… Wedding Photography      

15 Oct 2016

1st Ibiza Light Festival!

The first ever Ibiza Light Festival has arrived! Yesterday armed with my map I went off to explore what it was all about. According to their facebook info this is a new cultural event that uses light, video, sound and performance-art in Ibiza Town’s marina. The result? Many well-known monuments, streets, buildings and squares of the marina have been targeted in this free-to-attend festival which encourages interaction and just a little bit of wonder. Not what you would usually associate with Ibiza […]

13 Oct 2016

My Ibiza Weddings 2016

Well my Summer is over and I wanted to create a little memory of my favourite Wedding moments and say a big thank you to everyone who has made me a part of their big day! xxx  

04 Oct 2016

Atzaro Spirit Festival

A firm date in every Ibiza hippy’s diary was our annual Spirit festival on Sunday. I love an event with lots going on and this certainly didn’t disappoint, there was just so much to take in! From the feminine enlightenment tent to the hula hoop therapy, every corner of our spiritual selves could be examined and rectified. To see some more images from the day feel free to head over to the gallery Or Contact Anne at Ibiza Photography directly at

26 Sep 2016

Rachel & Matt – A Wonderful Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a really exciting and fun packed wedding here in Ibiza, Rachel and Matt were staying in the recently refurbished La Goleta Hotel in Playa den Bossa, I went along to capture some of the getting ready moments and then along to their beautiful wedding venue. August is incredibly hot for an Ibiza Wedding but we all persevered and even managed to find a great little spot down on the beach for their couples […]

15 Sep 2016
09 Sep 2016

New Video Clip on Youtube!

Recently I asked one of my couples Hayley & John to provide me with the music from their first dance so I could compile a video clip of their photos. I think this is a nice to show off your favourite wedding shots that can be easily shared with friends and family 🙂 There are loads more images I’d have liked to include but this is due to them having the shortest first dance track ever!!

06 Sep 2016

Craig & Sam, Pura Vida Wedding

We’re very lucky here in Ibiza and so are all the couples who chose to celebrate their special day with us. Our beautiful Island has a wonderful choice of excellent wedding venues to suit every kind of taste, Pura Vida over on the East Coast is one of these. Set right on the beach the restaurant offers great views and a professional approach to each wedding. I was fortunate to have shot a fantastic wedding here which was full of […]

16 Aug 2016

Mark & Stuart, first came marriage then their own holiday company!

It’s not every day that someone you’ve worked with starts their own holiday company but with Mark and Stuart it was really no surprise that they would end up creating something wonderful for themselves. We first met two years ago when I had the pleasure of helping plan and photograph their Ibiza Wedding and now they can be found arranging other peoples’ unforgettable experiences. Specialising in Same Sex holidays and marriages Mark & Stuart are showing us all that all […]

13 Aug 2016

Aimee & Mark.

Thanks go to Aimee & Mark for taking the time to write this nice commentary 🙂 Mark and I met 10 years ago in our home town of Swindon, when we were in our teens. We have lived together for 8 years and were engaged for 2 years before our wedding in Ibiza. Mark proposed to me on Holiday in Las Vegas in 2014 and we were initially unsure as to whether we wanted to marry at home or abroad. […]

25 Jun 2016

Hayley & John

I met John at my friends hen party in Tenerife a couple of years back. I knew straight away he was special.
As I lived in Ireland and he in England, we did the long distance relationship for a while but it was becoming more and more difficult with each goodbye…

05 Jun 2016

Jenny & Paul’s Ibiza Wedding

Paul and have known each other nearly 20 years through my cousin but it wasn’t until just over 4 years ago that we noticed ‘the spark’. He asked me out so we started dating and as the saying goes the rest is history…

14 May 2016

A great start to the Ibiza Wedding season

2016 is set to be a great year for weddings in Ibiza and I’ve started off in the best way. This week saw Jayde & Colin tie the knot in an intimate ceremony including their children and closest family…

10 Mar 2016

A Smile Costs Nothing!

It’s not always easy though, the more effort that goes into it the more scary looking people can become, wild eyes and quivering lips are never a good look especially with very important wedding photos…

08 Mar 2016

Ibiza Photography on Instagram!

I’ve been using Instagram for a while now, it’s such a great way of displaying your work and also connecting with other people who love photography…

07 Mar 2016

Emma & Steven – The Final Wedding of the Ibiza Season!

As the sun was setting on the 2015 Summer season we were treated to one last wedding at Cas Mila – The bride is a resident here and works for a popular villa company so it was nice to see the day also documented on their blog! [huge_it_gallery id=”6″]

25 Feb 2016

Ibiza Wedding Photography Video Clips

There are lots and lots of ways of showing off your wedding photos and so there should be 🙂 A wedding day is a wonderful occasion and I love the idea of having the memories of it always at your fingertips. A video clip of your favourite photos really tells the story of a wedding, from the nervous moments before the ceremony to those must have Ibiza beach shots and all the way through to the fun of the meal […]

02 Feb 2016

Photographer in Ibiza

A video montage of wedding and event photography in Ibiza

14 Oct 2015

Aimee & John’s Ibiza Wedding

Myself and john met at school aged 14, we were seated together in IT and immediately hit it off. We had a great friendship for 5 years before realising our feelings were deeper at 19. We moved in together immediately and became engaged a month later. At 21 we became parents to our little girl lily-Mae. We had looked at planning our wedding a few times in the UK but found it really stressful and always gave up pretty quickly. […]

05 Aug 2015

Anthony & Sarah

Anthony and I met 11 years ago on a night out in Nottingham with friends, we knew from the very beginning that we had something special. We always knew we wanted to get married abroad and when we saw the beauty of Ibiza we knew it was the perfect place to take our vows. It didn’t disappoint. The whole day went so smoothly and we enjoyed every single moment. We are so thankful to all of the team that made […]

24 Jun 2015

Dave & Sheryl

Dave & I decided to get married in Ibiza because this is where we met on holiday almost 10 years ago and it holds a special place in our heart…

23 Jun 2015

Gemma & Andrew

We met 6 years ago but we talked on Facebook around a year before. We went to the same school and lived in same area but he worked in Australia at the time we met. Andrew was home for 2 weeks and we spent practically the whole time together, he ended up going back to oz and came home 3 months later as he missed me and that’s how we got together. We picked Ibiza, well Andrew did as he […]

24 Mar 2015

Beautiful Bouquets.

Think Weddings think flowers, Ibiza is no different. It’s worth taking the time over your wedding blooms, it may be you have something personal in mind, a favourite flower or something you’ve seen on the Internet. Whatever you choose make sure it compliments your theme or colour scheme and above all that you love it! Your Bridal Party will also need something similar in keeping with what the bride has chosen for herself, but simple is effective here. Bridesmaids look […]

01 Aug 2014

At the Beach

We all love the beach right? Ibiza is only small but is definitely big on beaches – An important part of any Ibiza Wedding is getting your feet wet and feeling the sand between your toes. My newest gallery is all about just that, so please feel free to have a browse and if you need any more inspiration or ideas then I’d love to hear from you!    

31 May 2014

Sunny Ibiza Villa Wedding!

It’s only May but this Villa Wedding in San Miguel was all sunshine and blue skies – Congratulations go to Janine & Rob!

27 Mar 2014

Making the most of our Ibiza Sunset.

We all love a good sunset don’t we 🙂 I think most people would agree that Ibiza has some of the best in the world… So it’s only natural for the majority of our wedding couples who travel here for that special day to insist upon that one special shot and luckily for everyone is also one of my favourites! I have so many in my libraries and all around the internet for that matter that it seemed a shame […]

24 Feb 2014


It’s no lie I love Flickr – there’s so much great photography out there and it’s so nice to see everyone sharing such great work 🙂 Of course I also have my own little page of bits and bobs; it’s not just Ibiza weddings although that is the majority of it, it’s also my other passion which is travel photography and people in general really! Ibiza Photography on Flickr Enjoy! And if you like, follow!

14 Aug 2013

Ibiza Weddings… The Best So Far!!

They’re all different and definitely a pleasure to be a part of 🙂  So here’s some of the photos I like best from our Ibiza Wedding Season 2013    

26 Jun 2013

Jaime & Eelco – A Wedding For Friends!

It’s not all about work here in the Summer. Jaime & Eelco have a very busy season normally but managed to take a day out to have a lovely wedding ceremony and spend the day celebrating with family & friends.

21 May 2013

Keren & Llion – Cas Mila, Ibiza

A lovely couple and what a dress!! Congratulations go to Keren & Llion (I know I can’t pronounce that either!) who enjoyed a very special day with friends and family in the beautiful setting of Cala Tarida…

08 May 2013

Louise & Kevin – Sunshine and Smiles!

Congratulations to Louise and Kevin who had been planning their Ibiza wedding for a good few months before finally the big day came around – The weather can be a bit hit or miss in Ibiza in May but the sun was definitely shining for this happy couple!  

25 Apr 2013

Our First Wedding of 2013!!

Congratulations Sabrina & Miguel!! A traditional Church Wedding with a twist; well what would you expect when half the guests and the bride and groom are part of a professional dance troupe?! The day was perfect, the sun shining and everyone was in the mood to have a great time. Candi from lent a hand with the organising and also lent out her brand new Audi so the bride could arrive in style! The reception was held in the popular […]

01 Apr 2013

Marrakesh – Another World on Our Doorstep!

A recent trip away to Marrakesh, not many weddings but a great warm up for the camera!  

08 Feb 2013

Spring time Wandering

It’s very tempting to hang up the camera at the end of the wedding season and avoid it completely until the summer starts, but making sure I take it out with me every now and then has been really rewarding. Yesterday I took a short walk from home up to pretty San Agustin, the village above me. The Almond Blossom is out and there were lots of wonderful photo opportunities. I hope you enjoy these snaps as much as I enjoyed taking […]

01 Sep 2012

Now Also Featured on!!

So following on from the fantastic wedding of Rachel & Gareth which was recently featured on   I’ve now been lucky enough to get onto the on-line pages of!! Donna & Paul celebrated their Ibiza wedding in style at the stunning Cas Mila restaurant on Cala Tarida beach last September. It might seem like a while time ago now but looking back over these photos has brought back those all sunny summer memories and made me remember just how […]