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Sabine & Michael. Cotton Beach Club Wedding

Sabine & Michael chose Ibiza for their unique and beautiful wedding and Cotton Beach Club was the perfect place to celebrate their ceremony which they had created themselves and included lots of interesting personal touches. Before they were all seated for their meal there was just enough time to get everyone down on to the beach for some fun photos. There were only around 20 close friends and family invited so it was nice to be able to include everyone in the wedding photos. It was also amazing to have received these lovely words from them…

Dear Anne,

We would like to say thank you from our hearts for the wonderful pictures of our Ibiza Wedding at Cotton beach club. From the first day you were a great companion for our wedding. You are super straightforward, clear, structured and do your job with all your heart. You live and love to photograph and that is absolutely reflected in the pictures. We and our guests are very happy. I am in Love with the pictures. They a very special because When I Look I can feel it. We found your quiet natural and your relaxed approach to us super enjoyable, everything is in flux.  The pictures are natural and I like the different editing very well, so you have different styles of pictures.

You were the best choice for us and I am very grateful that I found you.

Thanks a lot. Feel hugged by your heart.

With lovely regards. Sabine and Michel

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