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Jenny & Paul’s Ibiza Wedding

Paul and have known each other nearly 20 years through my cousin but it wasn’t until just over 4 years ago that we noticed ‘the spark’. He asked me out so we started dating and as the saying goes the rest is history.


Our first holiday together was to Ibiza and that’s why we chose to have our wedding there. We’ve been a few times and are familiar with the island, also it’s not too far for guests travelling from Dublin.


As soon as we got in contact with Candi at Ibiza Wedding Shop, searched her website and exchanged a few e-mails we were sold.


We love our photos you took, you can’t beat the blue sky in the background. You really captured how beautiful the setting is at Cas Mila and how much of a good day everyone was having…¬†we love the shots on the beach, how intimate they are, and how relaxed you made us feel.


We love the way there wasn’t too much posing for photos but lots of natural shots.


Great job Anne.


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