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10 Tips for Successful Wedding Posing

How to pose for successful Ibiza Wedding Photos…

Like all Ibiza Wedding Photographers I’m never usually asked to produce traditional wedding photos. Quite the opposite in fact! If there is one concern which is voiced above all others it’s please don’t pose us!

So how do you achieve those natural and care free looking wedding shots? After all you don’t want to feel like you’ve been in a photography studio all day! Any Ibiza wedding photography should be light and bright. It should reflect the happiness of the day whilst also showing off the stunning backdrops which it’s famed for. So it may seem that there is no posing necessary in order to achieve the images you have your hearts set on.

All weddings are made up of a lot of components, roughly all follow the same timeline and there is a good amount of natural flow, but of course every one is personal and different. That’s where some gentle direction comes in so useful. If done correctly it will provide the extra dimension that a purely reportage/photo journalistic wedding shoot may not.

You’ll be pleased to know that the window for posing or direction is very small. The beginning of the wedding and during the aperitif time is really the only window I will have for any guided shots with you. But I will make the most of it!

Your Wedding Poses and how they’re created…

These are some simple methods for achieving those timeless shots which you’ll love.

 1. Look at each other.

Ibiza Wedding Photographer - tips for posing


You may be thinking, this couple are definitely not looking at each other! But most of the time when you ask people to gaze into each others’ eyes or look at the other person for 5 seconds they burst out laughing. I love this image as it looks so natural and it looks like the couple are in love and having fun.

  2. Walk away and come back.

Ibiza Photography - posing tips

Yes simple as that. It’s an effective way of getting some great shots and all you have to do is concentrate on holding hands and giving each other the occasional look.

3. Look at your hand or shoes.

Ibiza Photography - tips for posing

Another easy one. This will be done a few times so you’re not left examining your shoe laces feeling silly!

4. Work that Veil.

Ibiza Photography - wedding posing tips

I love a veil especially if there’s a bit of a breeze. Moving it around with your hands whilst looking into the distance looks great, you don’t even need to be facing me!

5. Look away, look at me.

Ibiza wedding photographer - wedding posing tips

Having things to do no matter how simple makes for much more natural looking images. This is always a good one for getting lovely portrait shots.

6. Get the groom to compliment the bride.

Ibiza Photography - wedding posing tips

I know, he should have done this already!! But this is a nice way of making the bride laugh and it can’t hurt to tell her again how beautiful she is.

7. The almost kiss.

Ibiza Wedding Photographer

Kissing is a minefield, there is always the danger it can distort the faces a little. So having the couple almost kiss is a nice way of achieving a different kind of image.

8. Whisper in her ear.

Ibiza Photography - wedding posing tips

Similar to the compliment I use this method for a closer shot, hopefully the groom will say something nice but I have had him just tell the bride that he’s hungry so some direction may be needed!

9. Smile at someone else.

You don’t want to spend all your time grinning into my camera so I often invite a bridesmaid along to help me, as she’s usually family or a close friend your smile to her will be far more natural.

10. Silhouettes.

tips for successful wedding posing

One of my favourite shots – we’re so lucky in Ibiza to have spectacular sunsets so we should use them to their full potential. Silhouette posing is all about getting some distance between you and staying still. Easy!

There are of course lots of other ways to pose couples for their Ibiza wedding photography but I’ve found that over the years this has given me the best results. My couples have also been very relieved to find out how easy the whole thing was, most have even enjoyed it!

For more Ibiza wedding photography tips and ideas then please feel free to get in touch – I’m always happy to have a chat and put your mind at rest.

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