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A Surprise Ibiza Proposal!!

The Proposal…

He asked and she said YES!
Well no, it wasn’t that simple there was some sneaky planning to be done for this Ibiza proposal but the end result were happy tears and an up-coming Ibiza Wedding 🙂
Martijn originally contacted me back in February asking if a surprise cliff top proposal was something I could capture for him. It took me all of about 2

Surprise Ibiza Proposal

seconds to say hell yes absolutely I’d love to count me in!! And so the planning was on. As I’ve lived in Ibiza for many years I suggested a few great places for Martijn to choose from. Eventually we settled on Cala D’hort, with its amazing views out to sea and to Es Vedra it was perfect.

The idea was for me to be the photographer for a family mini shoot. Not a problem I do those all the time but this shoot was going to be different. So the family arrived at the beach and we began with some fun shots with them and their little girl. Once she’d got used to the idea of having her photo taken there was no stopping her!

Then it was up to the cliff top. We had timed everything for sunset, that perfect moment just as the sun goes down by Vedra. This was the moment for Martijn to make his, as it turned out teary speech and for him to ask the big question ♥♥ And of course she said yes!! After a few tears & a few more photos it was drinks all round!

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This is what Martijn had to say about his Ibiza Proposal…

How long were you planning the surprise? What gave you the idea?
I knew this is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. Although I’m not the person that really wanted to marry I spontaneously booked a short holiday to Ibiza and I took my chance 🙂 I thought it would be nice to capture the big questions and so the idea of a photoshoot was born. I wrote to some photographers in Ibiza but after receiving the thoughtful reaction from Anne it was quickly decided! Back in Holland I asked my fiance’s father and went shopping for her ring with her best friend so everything was set for the perfect proposal 🙂

Why did you chose Ibiza for your surprise engagement? 

We know the Island pretty good and we both love it. This was the first time with our daughter and I knew Cala D’hort as a beautiful place. All circumstances for the perfect proposal.

Can you describe the experience and would you recommend it to anyone else thinking of proposing?

It was perfect! Really beyond my expectations. Anne was so thoughtful and even drove to the location a couple of days earlier to check the conditions! We couldn’t wish for better pictures!

And a short review of the photos please?! 

We couldn’t wish for better pictures! She really captured our special moments. Thanks Anne! Really grateful!

If you’re thinking of proposing then Ibiza is the place. Capture that important moment & have memories you’ll love forever! My proposal packages include around an hour of photography and even some fizz to celebrate with afterwards! Photos are ready within 2 weeks but I can get a selection of images over to you the next day if you’re dying to tell everyone!
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