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Now I’m blogging for Ibiza wedding guide!

Ibiza Photography - posing tips

blogging for ibiza wedding guideI’ve lived in Ibiza for a long time and I’ve been lucky enough to work as a wedding photographer for lots of years. So why not share all that wedding knowledge and experience with the world?

Every wedding is different and should reflect your personalities together as a couple, but there are 1000’s of ways to create something unique and personal to you. So where do you start? Well I’m going to try and help by sharing what I know. All the little details I’ve spotted during my time photographing weddings, all those cheats that will make your life a lot easier when organising your Ibiza wedding. Over at the Ibiza wedding guide they’re pretty dedicated to wedding blogging and I’m very happy to now be contributing to their good work 🙂

My first post is now live so head on over to http://ibiza-wedding-guide.com/beating-the-heat-at-your-ibiza-wedding/  and I hope you enjoy!

For more Ibiza wedding Photography please feel free to visit my galleries or my Instagram which is always updated with my latest wedding photos.

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