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A Rest Before the 2018 Wedding Season

Ibiza 2018 Wedding Season will be here before we know it 🙂

And that makes me very happy!! But first there has been some time to slow down and relax a little.
I’m from London and I love London. Not everyone who I’ve seen shuffling around on the tube and busy streets may agree with me though! I’ve spent lots of time thinking how this makes me feel. On one hand I’m loving London at Christmas time, the busy streets & all the great things going on. But most people have to work and the commute can suck every drop of Christmas spirit out of anyone!

The other day I wandered over to Battersea park. It was 4 days before Christmas but it couldn’t have been more peaceful. The contrast between the mist covered lakes and tranquil landscapes was amazing.

2018 ibiza wedding season

It was hard to believe the madness of Clapham Junction and Victoria Station were each a short walk away!
My favourite photography is by far wedding photography. I love the unique challenge each wedding presents and enjoy meeting lots of new people all looking their very best and enjoying every minute. But in my free time it has been lovely to enjoy the zero pressure of a London Park. It’s also been really surprising just how peaceful these spots can be. Even the local wildlife seem chilled out! Quite unaware that Christmas was coming and only a few metres away there were swarms of people jostling to get somewhere.

2018 wedding season

I’ve spent this Christmas in London and will be heading off to Pamplona on Friday to try out a Spanish new year’s eve. Then it will be back to Ibiza and preparing for the 2018 Summer Wedding Season. I feel it’s going to be our best yet!!

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Have a wonderful new year wherever you are and if you’d like to get in touch then I’d love to hear from  you! ibizaphotographyweddings@gmail.com


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  1. Hi

    we are looking for a photographer for our wedding in Ibiza, Saturday 26Th May 2018.

    Please advise of your availabity and your packages/costs,


    Annie & Paul x

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