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Our Ibiza Lockdown Life. Mauricio Gonzalez ♥

Our Ibiza Life in Lockdown. A series of Diaries about our Ibiza Confinement!

ibiza blogNext up on my Ibiza Blog… My second interview takes me over to virtually catch up with Mauricio González. Apart from being every bride’s dream as the wedding director @elixiribiza, he is also one lovely half of @the.inlove.photographers. This is what he’s been up to during Lockdown…⠀
Have you been able to work during Lockdown? How have you organised your day?⠀
Actually yes, I thought I wouldn’t have any work to do but I’ve been working on emails & putting together ideas for a bridal show we will participate in November @ibizabridal Luckily my dog gives me a bit of routine. I start the day walking her by Talamanca paseo, then it’s breakfast, emails/other admin, read a book, workout, lunch, walk my dog again and end the day watching tv shows I like.⠀
Have you tried anything new or different (zoom meet ups/pub quizzes/theme nights/new skill)? I’ve tried doing online workshops but I doesn’t work for me, and I’ve been doing bridal fashion sketches for fun. Also I tried baking but I found out I’m rubbish at it or I think my oven doesn’t work!⠀
One thing I did learn is to wash my hands like 1000 times a day!⠀
The nicest thing about Lockdown.⠀
I am having more communication with my family. They’re not here in Spain so I’ve been doing lots of video calls. It’s nice to be able to speak to all of them at once, even if I don’t hear anything they say as everyone speaks at the same time! It’s like listening to a mariachi band, you hear so many instruments at once and you don’t know what are they singing!
A positive moment you’ve enjoyed from anywhere in the world.⠀
The 8pm balcony applause, stories of older people getting through the virus, seeing the animals enjoying freedom in the cities ⠀
Any low moments? How have you coped?⠀
I had quite a few, especially when I watch stories of people that passed away because of this, that gets me through my bones. And when the government announced we were able to go out for an hour, I got anxious and I felt I didn’t wanted to leave my house. I felt secure and comfortable in my own shell and it was a feeling I never had before so it was strange. ⠀
Finally your Netflix recommendations?!⠀
La casa de papel ⠀

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If you’re feeling lonely or disconnected, you’re not alone! I’ve had a few weepy moments at least a few times a week. Friends and family really do want to hear from you, it can change your day and theirs just having a 5 minute chat ♥ If that’s not an option then you can call 116 123 anytime and a Samaritan will be there to help.

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