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Our Ibiza Lockdown Life. Cristina, Paissa den Bernat

ibiza lockdown

Our Ibiza Life in Lockdown. A series of Diaries about our Ibiza Confinement!

Cristina – Paissa den Bernat

ibiza lockdownIt’s Early May and usually we’re preparing ourselves for a very busy Summer wedding season. However this year, as we’re all aware things have taken a very unexpected turn. Ibiza has been confined to its living rooms and balconies for almost 2 months and we’re all busy thinking what will happen next. Hopeful moments are plenty however and I’m very pleased to say that Ibiza has managed to stay out of the worst of things. Staying home has been the most sensible thing, but all this time cut off from others has left me wondering just what on earth has everyone been doing?!
So I thought I would be nosy and reach out to the people I usually see a lot more of and ask them what they’ve been doing with their time. ⠀
Up first is Cristina from the beautiful wedding venue Villa Paissa den Bernat
Have you been able to work during Lockdown? How have you organised your day?⠀
YES!! I have not stopped (LOOOVE IT!) – I have updated my paissa website & also included a Vendors Directory there with all my favourite suppliers from Ibiza (Anne of course you’re there!!), together with Nigel we are producing a podcast to promote Ibiza (not our businesses, not any businesses – but Ibiza as a wedding destination). And of course lots of emails, social media and communication with clients of this year and following. UH! And lots and lots of gardening. I can’t wait for people to see the changes! I am actually loving quarantine. Not financially, but the time has been so far exceptional. This should happen more often.⠀
Have you tried anything new or different? What’s that been like?⠀
My social life has been quite reduced during quarantine. I think I may be the exception to the rule.⠀
My new quarantine skill is to talk like an actress under 4 mattresses with 4 duvets on top of that to make the “air-tight” (quite literal – there is no air in my quaran-tipi) and sound quality optimum for recording.⠀It is quite a thing! I would never recommend haha⠀
The nicest thing about Ibiza Lockdown.⠀
That me and my partner are living in Paissa. The sunsets are magical and I had never spent this much time here. I am re-discovering my own home.⠀
Any low moments? How have you coped?⠀
Lots! Every wedding moved has made me cry. Every single one. I feel for my brides and grooms.⠀
How to pick myself up? Accepting that this is completely out of my control and a kind word to myself to remind me that I am doing the best I can to cope and support.⠀
Netflix recommendations?!⠀
I love Unorthodox mini-series, it’s the only thing I have had time to watch! I am literally working more than ever⠀
Can’t wait to see what other people recommend so that we can start relaxing and enjoying more of this precious moment.

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