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Ibiza Weekly Update

Well here we are, it’s Friday! Does anyone remember what that Friday feeling actually felt like? It’s almost 5 weeks now and gone are those heady exciting first days of confinement, when we all assumed we’d be fit AF by now and speaking 4 languages. Instead we find ourselves in the acceptance zone, acceptance that yes 20 hours out of every 40 are spent watching Netflix. We are never going to bake that cake and banana bread is disgusting. Fact.

However, this week there’s also lots of room for positivity in Ibiza. The sun is shining mostly and we have seen a significant descent in active cases, down from 99 to 75 today. Obviously this figure isn’t 100% but it’s a downward trend we can all feel happy about. It was also lovely to see Margarita, an 88 year old Ibiza resident giving Covid the boot and finally able to go home after 23 days in hospital. Strict confinement continues here until at least May 10th, but there might be some let up on April 26th. We remain on our sofas with everything crossed until then.

In the meantime I’ve rounded up some nice pics from the week which aren’t mine but are excellent all the same Captain Tom is in there of course! So looking forward to seeing my lovely friends and family soon!! Hope you’re all safe and well wherever you are xxx


If you have your 2020 Ibiza Wedding Photography booked with me don’t worry. Times are very trying and difficult for everyone at the moment which means we all have to help out wherever we can. I’ve built my wedding photography business on flexibility and a personal approach so if you’re feeling you need to move your wedding then I’m happy to accommodate. Please feel free to call/message/email at any time. I’m always here to have a chat so hopefully you’ll still be able to look forward to an amazing day even if it is a little later than planned xx

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