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Our Ibiza Lockdown Life. Gypsy Westwood ♥

Our Ibiza Life in Lockdown. A series of Diaries about our Ibiza Confinement!

gypsy westwoodToday my investigations take me to the other side of Ibiza. I virtually caught up with long time resident and successful wedding and family photographer Gypsy Westwood. This is what she’s been up to during our Ibiza lockdown…

Have you been able to work during Lockdown?
Not very easily. Mainly because I have not been able to focus very well- quarantine brain- my mind has been unsettled but also because a lot of my time has been spent homeschooling and playing with Lucas, my son. I have prioritised that.
How have you organised your day?
Though it was pretty groundhog day at points it has been with no fixed timetable! We get up much later, which I do enjoy, and try to fit in some kind of fitness- then between me doing a little work and both Lucas and I doing his online work it is lunch time. Cooking(though I don’t do it all) and baking  has taken up a lot of time- I love baking, that is relaxing!! By then it seems to be late afternoon and the day has gone…..
Have you tried anything new or different (zoom meet ups/pub quizzes/theme nights/new skill) what’s that been like?
I normally go to a gym class three times a week- that went online on zoom and has been fantastic to keep up. I have also followed Joe Wicks’ class on you tube to keep ‘moving’ with Lucas. Podcasts are my favourite when jogging, which I was thankfully able to keep up as we live in the countryside-so no-one about to stop us! So lots of fitness!! Which is not really new!
I joined a couple of Thirve- online photography days- to listen to other photographers, marketing experts and just be up to date with wedding stuff from off of the island. I think we are all in the same storm (as it has been said) though! Kind of reassuring.
I have also started an online mindfulness meditation course, something that would not have happened with out the lockdown!
I thought I would be more productive, have time to learn something new, make art and photograph lots of ‘home’ ideas I have had but the months have passed and  I have only done a few bits. Though this does include a new website- which I did not build on my own- at all but it took lots of my time  too!
The nicest thing about Lockdown.
Being home with no real pressures. I do it well.
The amount of creativity that came out, within families and communities. Dances, singing, music, games…..
Communities united has been amazing to see.
The stopping and being able to have time to communicate, via what ever medium and know more people have time to be  listening.
A positive moment you’ve enjoyed from anywhere in the world
Catching up regularly with friends who I NEVER have time to speak to enough.
Any low moments? How have you coped?
It has been up and down. Good days, lovely days, rewarding days and then rubbish days too, where home life has suddenly felt way too intense between the three of us.
I have done some kind of physical exercise everyday, that has kept me sane, for sure.
Our lockdown began on March 15th, this now seems an age ago. It is surreal and quite unbelievable but I do hope it will bring something positive to an over-run & overwhelmed island/society/world. There is part of me that feels super calm that we have lost most of our season’s work. Though I know this will be tough on so many, it feels, especially in Ibiza, that  it  became all too much- too much #ibiza. So maybe it is a little reset or maybe not. But that way of thinking kind of helps me keep peace with the crazy situation.
What have you missed most? 
Not a lot. Maybe the horizon, the blues of the sea and sky together. Spring is my favourite time in Ibiza.
Netflix recommendations?!
AHHH I have not watched much- I don’t sit in front of the telly much- when I do it is with Lucas, so 12 year old stuff , we finished Friends and A-typical
And just now I have started watching -Unorthadox-(not with Lucas or my husband as he didn’t like it)  We are the one who need the recommendations. !!

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If you’re feeling lonely or disconnected, you’re not alone! I’ve had a few weepy moments at least a few times a week. Friends and family really do want to hear from you, it can change your day and theirs just having a 5 minute chat ♥ If that’s not an option then you can call 116 123 anytime and a Samaritan will be there to help xx

With Love, Anne

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