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Why you should be using Pinterest for planning your Ibiza Wedding.

planning ibiza wedding

Why Use Pinterest For Planning Your Ibiza Wedding?

All weddings take a lot of research and planning. For some it’s the best bit, getting everything organised and spending time deciding on the perfect elements. But when your wedding is in another country this can change things. In the past the thing to do would be to reach for Google send a few emails and hope for the best, but now we have Pinterest and thank goodness for that!

You’ll be pleased to know that these days almost everything is available to book for your wedding in Ibiza. That’s not to say it’s all ideal or even necessary. However with Pinterest you can see at a glance how your decor will look, how your photos will be or even what ceremony you’ll have.

Usually the first thing you investigate will be your venue. You already know that Ibiza is the perfect place but there are so many special spots it’s hard to know which one will suit you most. Pinterest has a really impressive amount of info and should be just what you need to decide. Every good venue will have their own Pinterest but keep an eye out also for other couples’ boards and what they’ve been saving. You’ll get a good idea which places are popular and which ones seem the most professional.

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planning ibiza weddingSo What’s Next?

I’ll tell you now this is what couples have told me is the most stressful part! With all good intentions your venue will now send you everything they can organise, everyone they recommend and what you need to have booked and by when. Don’t worry this doesn’t have to be the trauma it seems! The best thing to do at this point is compare everything you’ve been sent with what you’ve already seen on Pinterest. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if anything has caught your eye that your venue hasn’t offered there’s a good chance they can arrange it for you. So always ask and send along some examples you’ve saved. planning ibiza wedding


This is a wedding so you’ll need to get organised within getting organised! Pinterest has a great feature to keep you on the right track and that’s its boards. Create as many as you like but I’d recommend the following. Venue. Decor. Photography (of course!) Accommodation. Dresses. Bridesmaids info. Places to go after the day. This is more for your guests so you can all have a nice meet up afterwards.

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planning ibiza weddingSo you’ll see Pinterest is a brilliant extra tool for all wedding planning. It will not only keep you organised but it will give you some fantastic ideas and inspiration so you can create that perfect Ibiza Wedding!

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