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Tag : wedding photography

08 Mar 2016

Ibiza Photography Instagram!

I’ve been using Instagram for a while now, it’s such a great way of displaying your work and also connecting with other people who love photography…

23 Jun 2015

Gemma & Andrew

We met 6 years ago but we talked on Facebook around a year before. We went to the same school and lived in same area but he worked in Australia at the time we met. Andrew was home for 2 weeks and we spent practically the whole time together, he ended up going back to oz and came home 3 months later as he missed me and that’s how we got together. We picked Ibiza, well Andrew did as he […]

24 Mar 2015

Beautiful Bouquets.

Think Weddings think flowers, Ibiza is no different. It’s worth taking the time over your wedding blooms, it may be you have something personal in mind, a favourite flower or something you’ve seen on the Internet. Whatever you choose make sure it compliments your theme or colour scheme and above all that you love it! Your Bridal Party will also need something similar in keeping with what the bride has chosen for herself, but simple is effective here. Bridesmaids look […]

01 Aug 2014

At the Beach

We all love the beach right? Ibiza is only small but is definitely big on beaches – An important part of any Ibiza Wedding is getting your feet wet and feeling the sand between your toes. My newest gallery is all about just that, so please feel free to have a browse and if you need any more inspiration or ideas then I’d love to hear from you! https://www.ibizaphotography.com/portfolio/i-do-like-to-be-beside-the-seaside/    

31 May 2014

Sunny Ibiza Villa Wedding!

It’s only May but this Villa Wedding in San Miguel was all sunshine and blue skies – Congratulations go to Janine & Rob!

24 Feb 2014


It’s no lie I love Flickr – there’s so much great photography out there and it’s so nice to see everyone sharing such great work 🙂 Of course I also have my own little page of bits and bobs; it’s not just Ibiza weddings although that is the majority of it, it’s also my other passion which is travel photography and people in general really! Ibiza Photography on Flickr Enjoy! And if you like, follow!