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05 Jun 2016

Jenny & Paul’s Ibiza Wedding

Paul and have known each other nearly 20 years through my cousin but it wasn’t until just over 4 years ago that we noticed ‘the spark’. He asked me out so we started dating and as the saying goes the rest is history…

14 May 2016

A great start to the Ibiza Wedding season

2016 is set to be a great year for weddings in Ibiza and I’ve started off in the best way. This week saw Jayde & Colin tie the knot in an intimate ceremony including their children and closest family…

10 Mar 2016

A Smile Costs Nothing!

It’s not always easy though, the more effort that goes into it the more scary looking people can become, wild eyes and quivering lips are never a good look especially with very important wedding photos…

08 Mar 2016

Ibiza Photography on Instagram!

I’ve been using Instagram for a while now, it’s such a great way of displaying your work and also connecting with other people who love photography…

07 Mar 2016

Emma & Steven – The Final Wedding of the Ibiza Season!

As the sun was setting on the 2015 Summer season we were treated to one last wedding at Cas Mila – The bride is a resident here and works for a popular villa company so it was nice to see the day also documented on their blog! [huge_it_gallery id=”6″]

25 Feb 2016

Ibiza Wedding Photography Video Clips

There are lots and lots of ways of showing off your wedding photos and so there should be 🙂 A wedding day is a wonderful occasion and I love the idea of having the memories of it always at your fingertips. A video clip of your favourite photos really tells the story of a wedding, from the nervous moments before the ceremony to those must have Ibiza beach shots and all the way through to the fun of the meal […]

02 Feb 2016

Photographer in Ibiza

A video montage of wedding and event photography in Ibiza

14 Oct 2015

Aimee & John’s Ibiza Wedding

Myself and john met at school aged 14, we were seated together in IT and immediately hit it off. We had a great friendship for 5 years before realising our feelings were deeper at 19. We moved in together immediately and became engaged a month later. At 21 we became parents to our little girl lily-Mae. We had looked at planning our wedding a few times in the UK but found it really stressful and always gave up pretty quickly. […]

05 Aug 2015

Anthony & Sarah

Anthony and I met 11 years ago on a night out in Nottingham with friends, we knew from the very beginning that we had something special. We always knew we wanted to get married abroad and when we saw the beauty of Ibiza we knew it was the perfect place to take our vows. It didn’t disappoint. The whole day went so smoothly and we enjoyed every single moment. We are so thankful to all of the team that made […]

24 Jun 2015

Dave & Sheryl

Dave & I decided to get married in Ibiza because this is where we met on holiday almost 10 years ago and it holds a special place in our heart…