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Propose in Ibiza!

Propose in Ibiza… and make sure it’s amazing!

Ibiza is perfect for proposals. It’s rightfully famous for its beautiful beaches, stunning coastline and fantastic sunsets. You might think it’d be impossible with so many visitors every summer, but trust me, there’s hundreds of hidden places to wow you.

During my last 20 something years living in Ibiza I’ve found so many fantastic spots off the beaten track. You’d be right to think of Cafe del mar and Mambos when you think of an amazing sunset, but there’s so many more places to enjoy the moment, and have it figure in your perfect Ibiza proposal!

Ibiza Proposal Master Map

Your Surprise Ibiza Proposal – How It Works

Ibiza Proposal near Hostal La Torre

Your proposal needs to wow and Ibiza is the ideal place for that! I can help you find the perfect place for your proposal, be it away from it all with a view of Es Vedra or on the cliffs close to San Antonio where the sun will set right in front of you. Or you might prefer a romantic picnic in the golden glow of the Ibiza countryside. As soon as you get in touch we can talk about where would be the best place for you and your partner to enjoy this amazing moment together.

Once we’ve planned the details of where and when, you’ll receive an exact map location of where to go. If you have a picnic already arranged then you’ll be guided by them to where you need to be. I will arrive before you and will be just out of view. As soon as you propose, and get the YES! I’ll present myself and then we can get a lovely relaxed couple shoot of the 2 of you at your very happiest!!

Proposal Photography - Package Details

Make sure it’s a YES!

  • Recommendations for the most perfect Ibiza Proposal locations
  • Secret photography of the proposal moment. This can be a complete surprise for your partner, I’m good at hiding!
  • Relaxed couple shoot.
  • Approx 80 edited images delivered within 3 days.
  • Online Gallery for downloading all images.

Optional Extras: 
* Highlights video clip including drone footage (location dependant)
* Luxury Picnic with romantic decor – A lovely touch which looks great on the photos! Contact Lieke at Into the Wild Picnics for more info https://www.instagram.com/intothewildpicnics/

If you think you’d like to propose in Ibiza, get in contact and let’s make it happen!

You can email or message me any time on info@ibizaphotography.com or Whatsapp +34699814666

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