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Katie & Jim. Ibiza Villa Wedding

Lots of people wonder, can you get married in a villa in Ibiza? This gorgeous wedding proves you absolutely can! Katie & Jim met in Ibiza and had already spent time living here so their guestlist was a great mix of family from home and friends from far and wide. They also knew exactly how they wanted their wedding to be, fun and relaxed, which is exactly what they got! 



With a villa you can make your wedding extra special with your own touches and how you want it set up. I could choose where I wanted the aisle to be, food seating and reception. It was perfect.

The villa itself was spacious and light which meant that Katie & Jim could both get ready in the same place without seeing each other and then literally just step from their rooms out into the ceremony area. Perfect. Their bridal party could also get ready with them which was so special as some of them hadn’t seen each other since before the pandemic. Hair & Makeup was provided by Katie @ohhlala

Katie & Jim’s Ibiza Villa Wedding in their words…

How did you plan your Villa Wedding?

We got in touch with Emma Sharpe who helped us choose our villa and plan our whole day. It was perfect and wasn’t stressful one bit. 

What was your experience of planning experience like? 

It was brilliant and easy. The team came to set up the day before the wedding and on the morning itself. They then took away everything the day after the wedding. It was very straight forward and all ran very smoothly. 

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What advice would you give to other couples looking to get married in an Ibiza villa?

Definitely contact a wedding planner. It’s less stressful and they can organise everything for you. A villa is perfect as you can spend the week at the villa with family and friends in a lovely environment. It doesn’t feel like your wedding is over in one day as you’re still staying at the villa where you got married. 

With a villa you can make your wedding extra special with your own touches and how you want it set up. I could choose where I wanted the aisle to be, food seating and reception. It was perfect. 

I loved how relaxed yet organised this whole day was. Katie & Jim wanted singing and dancing from the start and their friends didn’t disappoint with that. There were also lots of amazing places around the house for photos. This meant we could sneak away and get lots of pictures without spending too much time away from the wedding.

The meal was a delicious graze table from Graze Ibiza, the food was amazing and guests could help themselves. Once the meal was over it was back to the dancefloor for the first dance and plenty of party. Of course 1 or 2 people fell in the pool, but it wouldn’t be a decent villa wedding if that didn’t happen now would it!

Finally, a few words about your wedding photographer…

Anne was fantastic and everything we wanted in a photographer. She was chilled and made us all feel comfortable in front of the camera as I can get camera shy haha. I’ve been to weddings before where the photographer has been full on and didn’t want that for our day. Anne was just perfect and all of the bridal party loved how relaxed she was. All of our photos we adore and she got them back to us very fast. We even had some photos to look through within a week! We can’t thank Anne enough.

In conclusion, can you get married in a Villa in Ibiza? The answer is a definite yes but remember that unless one of you is catholic and you’re married in church that no ceremony in Ibiza is ‘legal’ . That or that you’re a resident here and a ceremony is conducted by an official from the town hall. The good news is that even though each ceremony is symbolic, you can have it 100% how you want. Most couples choose to get married back home first before coming to Ibiza.

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