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Meet the Ibiza Wedding Planners!

The Ibiza Wedding Planners.

This week. Lucy Dyer – Mambo Weddings & Events.

ibiza wedding plannersIbiza is understandably one of the best & most popular places in the world to have your destination wedding. So with all these ceremonies going on it’s easy to wonder just where should you turn for the best advice. I’ve been a wedding photographer on the island for many years now so have met a fair few planners. I wanted to know how things work for them, what’s the process when you’re trying to plan a wedding abroad and just how do they make sure it all runs perfectly?
I caught up with Lucy Dyer, Mambo Wedding & Events Coordinator who gave me an great insight into her very busy world…

  • When and why did you first come to Ibiza?

I came on holiday 22 years ago and never really went home. I’d found myself working in a beach bar in Marbella and didn’t really like it but a friend of mine who had worked in Ibiza previously had given me a contact number for a job so I called them and hopped on a plane. They put me up for my first night and by the second day I had a job and an apartment… it was so easy it was clearly meant to be.

  • What was your first job?

When I first came to Ibiza I had 2 jobs. I worked in a pizza restaurant in the day time and worked in a Bar at night selling a football card. In those days the worker culture was very different, everyone pulled together and it was like one large family.

  • How did you get into wedding planning?

I’d been on the island for 10 years and run various events, boat parties etc when the owner of the company I was (and still am) currently working for approached me with the  details of our first wedding couple. They had asked to get married at El Chiringuito in Cala Gracioneta and asked me if I wanted to help them arrange things.

  • What venues do you plan weddings for?

I work for the Mambo group who have 6 wedding venues in their company

Cala Gracioneta

Villa Mercedes

Savannah Beach club

Hostal La Torre

Las Mimosas

Casa Maca

I also offer an external wedding planning option so it means I plan weddings all over Ibiza really.

  • wedding planners ibizaWhat’s your planning process? And how do you work with couples to ensure a stress free Ibiza Wedding?

Once a couple has booked me for their wedding I send them through a timeline PDF. This suggests all the things they need to think about in the months running up to their wedding. It also gives them a loose structure for the planning process so they are not in the dark about what they should be thinking about and when.

I’m always looking to maintain a personal approach so I work with each couple through email, skype and whatsapp. I believe communication is key to ensuring the least stress possible. We will also have at least 2 meetings before the wedding week.

Once the couple are here for the final wedding week we have a rehearsal 1 or 2 days before with key members of the bridal party. I believe that this also helps alleviate the stress as its not only the couple that are nervous for the big day.

Finally I believe that a sense of humour goes a long way. I’m not a militant wedding planner! I prefer instead to have a relaxed and easy going attitude with the whole wedding party… it’s like being an air steward, if they seem nervous then that makes you nervous and with 11 years wedding planning experience in Ibiza there’s rarely a problem that can’t be fixed.

  • Your top tips for a calm bride

Delegate anything that you can to your bridesmaids or wedding planner in the run up to your wedding.

Plan for time away from your guests to try and relax before the wedding

Don’t get sunburnt!

  • What are this summer’s favourite colours/decor choices so far?

This summer has seen a move away from Boho into a more tropical theme , Retro colours such as Golds and Corals and tropical influences with décor such as Palms and Succulents

  • What’s the most unusual request you’ve received?

Hahah lots, too many to mention… anything from painting the venue floor a different colour to  having the groom arrive by parachute  (I’ve actually been asked that twice!)

  • Finally your favourite Ibiza, beach, restaurant, place to wind down.

I Love San Juan on a Sunday Market day and Benirras beach in the Winter…. but don’t tell everyone !

Photo credit. Eva Krupier at

If you’re an Ibiza bride or are planning an Ibiza wedding then I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me at or by phone/whatsapp at +34 699 81 46 66

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