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13 Jun 2024

Brides Always Plan the Wedding, Grooms Should Just Stay Away?

What's the real reason brides end up doing all the wedding planning? What has made weddings off limits to grooms?   You’d think that Ibiza weddings would be completely different and immune to stereotypes. That adding a modern twist to things and coming away to somewhere so beautiful would ensure a non-conventional wedding.  Don't get me wrong, what you see at an Ibiza Wedding is personal, fun and incredibly special. The suppliers on the island have made it their passion to create [...]
20 May 2024

Ibiza Small Wedding. The Ultimate How to Guide for 2024

Ibiza Small Weddings & Elopements. Unique & Romantic. If you’re looking to have a more intimate wedding with only your closest people or even just the 2 of you, then please read on! An Ibiza Small Wedding or Elopement is a lovely idea if you want plenty of flexibility and a highly personalised experience for much less outlay. The first step is to decide when you would like to hold your ceremony and then where in Ibiza you would like [...]
20 Mar 2024
Ibiza Small Wedding

Is Hiring a Professional Ibiza Wedding Photographer Worth It?

Is Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer Worth It? Planning an Ibiza wedding involves making countless decisions. From selecting the perfect venue and designing the invitations to choosing the menu and deciding on the dress, there's loads to do! Among all these choices, there's one questions that's often asked. Is hiring a professional Ibiza wedding photographer worth it? With the rise of smartphones and the accessibility of amateur photography equipment, it's tempting to consider entrusting that special day to a friend [...]
10 Mar 2024

Surprise Ibiza Proposal!!

Organise your own Surprise Ibiza Proposal and be guaranteed a YES! Ibiza is the perfect destination to propose to the one you love. You'll be spoilt for choice between beautiful beaches, stunning cliff tops & picturesque countryside, whatever your style this island won't disappoint. In this post I'll tell you what's included in an Ibiza proposal, a real proposal story and I'll give you a map of all the best places to ensure you ask the question in the most [...]
03 Jan 2024

The Ibiza Wedding Celebrants You Need to Know In 2024!

Ibiza Wedding Celebrants. Who they are and what can they offer your ceremony ♥ Did you know that before the 1500s we could marry ourselves? I don’t mean get married to ourselves, although I know some people who would do that. I mean we could just declare ourselves as a couple, married. These days we have professionals to do this job for us, which is just as well.  Ibiza weddings have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last 10 years. This [...]
04 Dec 2023

Ibiza Wedding Trends for 2024. All You Need to Know!

Exciting Ibiza Wedding Trends for 2024 Your Ibiza wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be perfect. If you're tying the knot in 2024, you're in luck, as there are plenty of exciting new wedding trends to choose from. From enchanting wedding decor ideas, colours you’ll love and captivating wedding dress styles, there's something for everyone. As an Ibiza Wedding Photographer I’m always keeping my eye on the details and [...]
18 Nov 2023

Seaview Holiday Village Ibiza. Essential Wedding Guide

Holiday Village Ibiza Weddings. An Essential Guide for 2024 Holiday village Ibiza weddings form part of a package of wedding services offered by Tui in Ibiza. At the HV, all parts of the wedding take place in private areas of the hotel which is around 50 metres from Port des Torrent beach near the bay of San Antonio. The HV Seaview is one of Ibiza’s most popular all-inclusive family hotels and is like a self-contained town in summer with everything [...]
27 Oct 2023

Deciding How Many Hours of Photo Coverage You Need for Your Ibiza Wedding

Deciding How Many Hours of Photo Coverage You Need for Your Ibiza Wedding When planning your Ibiza wedding, one crucial decision you will need to make is determining how many hours of photo coverage you require. The duration of photo coverage is determined by various factors, including the number of guests, the events to be captured, the venue and the time of day when the ceremony and reception will take place. Hiring a professional local wedding photographer will make the [...]
23 Oct 2023

Cas Mila Wedding Photos

Cas Mila Weddings I'm Anne Walker and I'm one of Cas Mila's recommended photographers. I've shot hundreds of weddings at this amazing venue so I know where all the best spots are. I also know how to guarantee that you'll have the perfect wedding day, with the photos to prove it, of course! Scroll on to see lots of examples of all my Cas Mila wedding photos... the venue, ceremony, beach shots, details and all the places you'll spend your [...]
11 Oct 2023
ibiza wedding venues

Ibiza Wedding Venues, The Ultimate Guide for 2024.

Ibiza Wedding Venues. My 5 Favourites Ibiza is the best place for an unforgettable day. It's a privilege to work here as a wedding photographer doing what I love. I have lots of couples ask me which are my favourite Ibiza wedding venues. There are just so many! And so many are amazing. So these are my personal favourites... not only for their combination of great service and lovely food but they also guarantee fantastic wedding photography! My Favourite 5 Ibiza Wedding [...]