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The Most Natural Wedding Photography & How It’s Created

Natural Wedding Photography & How It’s Created…

Have you ever looked at amazing natural wedding photography and thought how are we ever going to achieve this?!
Posing and having all the attention on you can be a scary pressure. Especially if you’re not armed with some info beforehand. But fear not and read on… these are best methods for achieving those comfortable and carefree looks you’ll love! 

 1. Look at each other for 5 seconds.

Ibiza Wedding Photographer - tips for posing


Have you ever tried looking at your partner for 5 whole seconds? This is usually the result! It’s a fun, natural look which has love & happiness written all over it! I got this couple to do exactly that and they couldn’t stop laughing. Those 5 seconds made for at least 10 great pictures.

  2. Walk away and come back.

Ibiza Photography - posing tips

Yes simple as that. I usually ask for a slow walk with a few looks, a kiss is also encouraged! It’s an effective way of getting some great shots and all you have to do is concentrate on holding hands and looking great against the scenery.

3. Look at your hand or shoes.

Ibiza Photography - tips for posing

It’s nice to take the attention away from the lens as much as possible, so a few glances at other things is a great way to ease this worry. This is a great shot when the bride is on her own. Once there’s something else ‘to do’ it’s amazing how relaxed a person can become.

4. Work that Veil.

Ibiza Photography - wedding posing tips

I love a veil especially if there’s a bit of a breeze. Moving it around with your hands whilst looking into the distance looks great, and it’s lots of fun! You may feel a bit strange at first but when you get shots like these it’s all worth the effort. The best thing about these shots is you have your back to me so all that’s needed is a bit of movement to give the image lots of wow.

5. Look away, look at me.

Ibiza wedding photographer - wedding posing tips

Having things to do no matter how simple makes for much more natural looking images. Whenever someone says smile at the camera it has the effect of tensing up the shoulders and then this weird, scared smile happens! With this addition of a small movement the look back at me always results in lovely portrait shots.

6. Get the groom to compliment the bride.

Ibiza Photography - wedding posing tips

I know, he’s done this lots of times already!! But a whispered comment always makes the bride laugh and it makes for a beautiful moment.

7. The almost kiss.

Ibiza Wedding Photographer

Kissing is a minefield, there is always the danger it can distort the faces a little. So having the couple almost kiss is a nice way of achieving a different kind of image. Holding the couple in place for a few seconds usually also gets a little smile or a laugh which means lots more lovely pictures for you.

8. Whisper in her ear.

Ibiza Photography - wedding posing tips

Similar to the compliment, I use this method for a closer shot and usually so I get some nice laughter. Hopefully the groom will say something nice, but it has been known for him to tell the bride that he’s hungry, so some direction is occasionally needed!

9. Smile at someone else.

natural wedding photography

You don’t want to spend all your time grinning into the camera. For couple shoots it’s always recommended to invite a bridesmaid or helper along. This is primarily to assist with shoes and dress but she can also be a lovely help for getting a warm and natural smile.

10. Silhouettes.

natural wedding photography

One of my favourite shots! Silhouette posing is all about getting some distance between you and staying still. This one requires some direction but the list of nice poses is long and each shot will definitely be worthy of a place in your album.

For more Ibiza wedding photography tips and ideas then please feel free to get in touch – I’m always happy to have a chat, hear your ideas and if necessary put your mind at rest 🙂

You can find me at ibizaphotographyweddings@gmail.com

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