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A Surprise Ibiza Proposal!!

A Beautiful Surprise Ibiza Proposal which had us all in tears!

It’s not every day I find myself waiting in a bush for someone I’ve never met to propose to his girlfriend. But I can assure you I was meant to be there, really I was! And it worked out just perfectly ♥ Read on to know more about how Yff organised this perfect moment for the one he loves 🙂

The surprise Ibiza proposal story all started when I dreamt about how I would ask my girlfriend to marry me. I dreamt that we were in Ibiza and having a picnic on a cliff during the sunset. At the time I dreamt that we were only dating for a few weeks so I decided to make that dream reality when we would be ready.

7.5 years later my girlfriend, like she has a 6th sense or something, really wanted to go to Ibiza during our vacation. That was my cue to start setting this in motion and make my dream a reality. I got in touch with Lieke who runs her own unique picnic company called Into The Wild Picnics  She helped me to arrange a romantic picnic with food during the sunset at Es Vedra. Then I decided it would be nice if the whole proposal could be secretly photographed and filmed so I googled “secret proposal photographer” and got to the website of Ibizaphotography. There I found the email address of Anne and explained to her my plans. What followed was a super nice conversation with around 30 emails where we discussed the best place and time for the whole proposal. Anne also really wanted to know who we were and what our story was. By doing this I really felt that I already knew Anne the first minute I saw her after the proposal while we never even talked on the phone.

After establishing the right place and time via email, Anne also arranged my very weird request, making drone shots of the proposal. This was done by Tinyfilms who made a super nice video of the whole proposal (with not only drone footage).

Anyway, the day of the proposal was there and I was a bit anxious because I never met any of the people who arranged the whole thing and I had never even been to Ibiza. When we got to the picnic site I noticed that, besides us, there was nobody there. My friend who had been to Ibiza told me that this would be impossible since the sunset at Es Vedra attracts hundreds of people. What happened was that Into the Wild picnics did an amazing job of finding the perfect quiet spot. Besides finding the perfect spot, the picnic looked amazing and the vegetarian food was delicious (my girlfriend didn’t suspect anything because I gave her a romantic dinner for her birthday a few weeks earlier).

So while we were sitting and eating a saw Anne sitting behind us under a bush with an enormous camera. My girlfriend saw it too and didn’t suspect a thing because she thought Anne was just a photographer making pictures of Es Vedra and the sunset. Talk about hiding in plain sight ; ).

After finishing our meal it was time for the main event, the proposal. It was just a beautiful moment which was perfectly captured by Anne. Afterwards, Anne walked up to us and just made some pictures of us just enjoying the moment. My girlfriend and I are no models so I was a bit worried about the photos but Anne just said to relax and do our thing. We just did a couple of relaxing, not too exaggerated, poses while my girlfriend and I were just chatting a bit. Anne just talked to us and gave us some instructions without it feeling like a photo shoot. When all the photos and videos were made, Anne left and told us the photos would be ready a few days later.

Within those few days, my girlfriend and I laughed a bit about how funny the photos were going to be because we always have awkward poses. So the more surprised we were when we saw the photos Anne made. Almost every photo was gorgeous without it being too cheesy or anything. I still do not know how Anne did it but these are the photos I will cherish for the rest of my life!

In conclusion, I organised the whole proposal without knowing the people or the island and I couldn’t have wished for anyone else. Everyone did an amazing job including Anne. I would definitely recommend hiring Ibizaphotography for a photo shoot if you want to eternalize a beautiful moment in your life.

Plan your own Surprise Ibiza Proposal!

Make sure it’s a YES!

What’s included:

  • Recommendations for the most perfect Ibiza Proposal locations
  • Pro-Photography. This can be a complete surprise for your partner, I’m good at hiding!
  • Approx 80 edited images delivered within 3 days.


Optional Extras: 
* Video clip including drone footage (location dependant)
* Luxury Picnic with romantic decor – A lovely touch which looks great on the photos!


Are you thinking about a Surprise Ibiza Proposal? If so then I’d love to hear from you!

You can contact me any time at info@ibizaphotography or  call/message +34 699814666

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