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The 7 Wedding Blogs you should be following in 2019!

wedding blog

Everyone’s blogging yes this is true but when it comes to your wedding every bit of inspiration is essential. I’ll bet there’s already lots of people out there telling you what you should be doing for every bit of your day. This is what makes these wedding blogs very handy, especially if the author has some personal experience they can share.

January is the time of year when I really start thinking about the Ibiza Wedding season. I also know it’s when all you couples will start thinking oh er what now omg our wedding is really soon! So with this in mind I’ve put together these 7 super friendly and useful wedding bloggers I think you should be following… Some you’ve heard of some you haven’t but they all have one thing in common, to get you to your day knowing what you’ve chosen is truly right for you.

Of course for specifically Ibiza wedding info I am also around and happy to answer any of your questions or lend a hand so please feel free to get in touch at info@ibizaphotography.com

wedding blog

Rock My Weddinghttps://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/

Ok yes as far as wedding blogs go these are the big ones and you may already be familiar with their site. But they have literally info on everything and some super handy podcasts too for when your eyes can absorb no more!

Bespoke Bridehttps://www.bespoke-bride.com/

Why be like everyone else when you can go Bespoke! This fun website literally pops with colour and features some of the UK’s most unique, different and inspiring weddings for you to ogle in the build up to your big day.

Plans & Presentshttp://www.mrspandp.com/

A true wedding blog & packed full of real weddings. Very helpful when you’re trying to get an insight into how things are going to be. The website is full of ideas and leans towards creating a full on individual wedding. Obviously this is perfect for any Ibiza bride!


I can’t imagine you’ve got this far and not seen what Confetti have to offer your wedding 🙂 It really is a one stop shop & bursting with info. Their guide to wedding shows is particularly worth checking out.

Wedding Sparrowhttp://weddingsparrow.com/

Ok this is full on fairy tale here but it wouldn’t be a wedding without a little dreaming here and there. Wedding Sparrow will take you to French castles and out to sea and back. No not strictly Ibiza but there is lots of inspiration here which you can add to your own day.

The Natural Wedding Company – https://thenaturalweddingcompany.co.uk/blog/

Some great wedding ideas can be found on this blog; and as the name suggests the emphasis is on natural. From sourcing recycled gold wedding rings to great advice on natural wedding flowers. There’s some really interesting posts here which give a nice break from the mainstream reads.

Love Me Love My Wedding – http://www.lovemelovemywedding.com/

Yes this name says it all! But it’s a pretty useful blog as well 🙂 Love Me Love My Wedding is an honest take on the stresses of wedding planning with guides and advice written by brides who’ve been there, done that and got the ring to prove it!

Thanks so much for dropping by and for checking out this latest blog post. I’ve tried to combine this Ibiza wedding blog with real Ibiza weddings and lots of other general info I’ve picked up along the way. I love what I do and I’ve been doing it a long time so if you feel a question coming on then it’d be great to hear from you.

You can mail me any time at info@ibizaphotography.com or drop me a whatsapp at +34 699814666

wedding blog

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