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My Top 10 Ibiza Photography Favourites. Cala Benirras.

My Ibiza Photoshoot Favourite in the North.

ibiza photoshootIbiza may be a tiny island, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in beaches. After living here for over 20 years I’m very happy to know almost every cliff and beautiful cove the island has to offer.  There’s something perfect for everyone, couples, families or intimate elopements and small wedding ceremonies. Ibiza is perfect for any photoshoot and can guarantee a perfect backdrop for any special moment.

Ibiza Photoshoot favourite: Cala Benirras.

On the northern coast of Ibiza. Cala Benirras is in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, and is 4.6 miles (7.4 km) east of the village itself and 4.6 miles (7.4 km) north north east of the village of Sant Miquel de Balansat.


Cala Benirras is a large sweeping cove of soft sandy beach and crystal clear waters. A firm favourite with Ibiza’s famous hippies, the beach has been well known for its high energy drumming fest every Sunday. This is a must see for anyone interested in the more spiritual/bohemian side of things. Or for those just looking for some great photos! There’s also a really nice market selling artisan clothes, bags, jewellery and all things beach. It’s really cool and makes a refreshing change from the usual tat found in the shops and more commercial markets.

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Families. I love family photography here. The beach is beautiful and safe, there’s nothing to fall off or into (top priority!) and there’s lots of lovely little corners to explore. 

Couples. The in-love amongst us will go nuts for the sheer amount of romantic spots Cala Benirras has to offer. The classic walk along the beach looks incredible at sunset and the cozy fisherman’s huts are perfect for those softer shots. 

Ceremonies. I hadn’t shot a small ceremony here until last summer, now I’m so glad that I did! We met at the beach and managed to find our way up onto a fisherman’s hut roof right as the sun went down. The atmosphere was so perfect and the colours so lovely. I can’t wait to come back for another wedding here. 

For more info about Ibiza Small Ceremonies you can head to my blog post created just for couples who would like to create their own special moment in Ibiza. 

Did you know…. On Sunday August 18, 1991 a gathering of anti-war activists, hippies and other sympathisers, took place on the beach at Benirrás. This event is now known as The Day of the Drums. The gathering was in protest at the first Gulf War in Iraq. The protest later evolved into an annual event up until 2002.

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