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Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings – Your Essential Guide for 2024

cas mila ibiza weddings

Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings – All You Need to Know

Cas Mila is one of Ibiza’s most popular wedding venues and can be found in Cala Tarida. It’s like this restaurant has been built for weddings, with an enormous terrace for ceremonies providing sea views and a gorgeous sunset and a private rooftop area for the wedding meal. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 10 years here and am one of their recommended photographers. Read on to find out if this Ibiza Wedding Venue is perfect for you…



Cas Mila Offers:

  • Beachside Location with Sunset
  • Family Friendly Environment
  • Space for Intimate & Larger Weddings (average group size is 50)
  • Easy Access
  • All-In Wedding Packages
  • Professional In-House Wedding Planners

Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings - Ceremony Timings

Sunset Weddings (May, June, Sep, Oct)
Guests Arrival – 16.30/17.00
Ceremony – 17.30
Aperitifs & Photography – 17.30-18.45
Meal & Speeches – 18.45-20.45
Cake – 20.45 – 21.00
First Dance & Party Outside – 21.00-12 midnight
Party Indoors – 12 Midnight – 01.00
(Less than 30 – Midnight finish)

Sunset Weddings (July & Aug)
Guests Arrival – 17.00/17.30
Ceremony – 18.00
Aperitifs & Photography – 18.30-19.45
Meal & Speeches – 19.45-21.45
Cake – 21.45 – 22.00
First Dance & Party Outside – 22.00-12 midnight
Party Indoors – 12 Midnight – 01.00
(Less than 30 – Midnight finish)


Cas Mila Photography Info

Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings Info (1)
Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings Info (2)

This post is part of a series of Cas Mila articles which I’ve put together to help couples who are thinking about booking or have already confirmed their wedding at Cas Mila.

If you’d like to see how your wedding day might look, with photos and lots more info, then this post is for you!

Cas Mila Venue Info & FAQs

  • What is included in our Brochure? 

Everything included in your package is mentioned on the brochure you were sent when you booked. In the case of Sunset weddings, you will find all the package inclusions on pages 17 & 18. In the case of Midday weddings, all package inclusions can be found on pages 12 & 13.

  • What are the different Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings Packages?

We have 3 different Packages you can choose from on our exclusive online shop.
– Cas Milà Standard Package: This is everything that is included in your brochure.
– Cas Milà Plus Package: Everything the standard package includes, PLUS some of our most popular extras to make your wedding more unique.
– Cas Milà Premium Package: Everything the standard package includes, plus some of our extras & decorations with natural flowers.

  • How do I select one of the Cas Milà Packages?

It is very easy, you simply log in to your shop, click on the “packs” tab and scroll down the page where you will find all three packages. Click on the “select this package” button of whichever package you decide to choose, and you will automatically see at the top of your shop it will say the amount of your proforma, and under it the amount of the package you have selected.

  • Can I just select the extras I want if I am not interested in the full packages?

Yes of course! The packages have been put together to offer you some of our most popular extras at a lower price than what it would be to add them in separately to your shop. However, if you do not want all the extras stated on the package, you simply have to select the standard package (the one that is included in your brochure) and select the extras you would like to add on from the extras tab on the main menu of your online shop.

  • If I select a package but there are some services I won’t be using, will there be a deduction? 

If you decide to not use one or more services that are included in the package (for example, you are bringing your own celebrant, or photographer, etc.) there will be no deduction, these are closed packages and we cannot deduct any of the services from them.

  • How do I access my online shop?

Once you have made your second payment, our sales manager will give you access to your online shop with your username and password. If you have booked your wedding more than 1 year in advance, you will have access to your shop, but you will not be able to select extras until the month of September before your wedding. This is because at the end of each season, during the month of September, the shop is reviewed and checked to see if any changes need to be made for the following season.

  • When do my suppliers start to be confirmed?

Your shop has to be closed/confirmed 4 months before the wedding, or earlier if you are sure about the extras you want. Once we receive the confirmation of your shop closing, we will add the total amount of the extras/packages you have selected to your invoice and send it to you so you can make the payment. Once that is done, we then confirm all the extras and suppliers for your wedding day. The earlier you close your shop and confirm your extras the better! 

  • What drinks are included during the meal?

During your meal, you will be served white wine, rose wine, red wine, water & soft drinks at your table. Your waiters will be going around filling your glasses during the whole meal.

  • Can I bring some miniature drinks as favors?

No, no drinks brought from the exterior are allowed into the restaurant.

  • What is the minimum number of guests we can have at our wedding?

The minimum number of guests for your wedding to be held at Cas Milà is 25 pax. 

  • Do you have special menus for Vegans, Vegetarians, etc?

Yes of course, we have different menu options for Vegans, Vegetarians and also guests with allergies.

  • Is the restaurant accessible for wheelchairs?

In the case of having a wedding with guests in wheelchairs, we would suggest getting married on our main terrace and not on our Rooftop, as the rooftop is not accessible for wheelchairs. These guests would not be able to access the chill out area which is where the welcome drinks and appetizers are held, however, the rest of the day would be held on the main terrace where they would be able to access without a problem.

  • Is it possible to pay by card at the restaurant?

Yes, however, the service for the credit card machine is very bad. Down in the chill out area where the welcome drinks and appetizers take place, the bar is cash only because of this. There is a cash machine outside the chill out area to make it easier for you. 

  • If our wedding is on the rooftop, is the party held there too?

No, the rooftop will be where your meal takes place, your speeches and your wedding cake. Once you have had your wedding cake, we will ask your guests to make their way down to the main terrace (where the ceremony was held) and gather around for the first dance. You will then come down the stairway to your first dance song and dance in the main terrace in front of your guests, after this the party will start until midnight, and then from midnight until 1am you will have to go inside the restaurant (you will be in a private area for your wedding party).

  • Can the buses make several stops?

Yes, once you fill in the guest list and let us know where your guests are staying, we will pass the information on to the coach company and they will specify what stops they will be doing. We will then let you know, so you can inform your guests at what stop they will be picked up/dropped off.

  • Is there any chance we can book taxis at the end of the evening to be taken back to our hotels?

Unfortunately, not. There is no such thing as pre-booking a taxi in Ibiza, especially during the summer season and at night. This is why, if you are not staying within walking distance, it is mandatory for you to book a return bus for you and your guests.

  • What happens if it rains?

In the case of rain, everything would be held inside the restaurant. The ceremony would be held under our Sabina terrace and after that would set all the tables in the same area while you enjoy your appetizers in the interior room.

  • Is the restaurant still open to other guests?

Yes, the restaurant is still open for other guests. You would have exclusivity of the restaurant if you have 100+ adults attending your wedding.

  • Is there a limit of distance with transportation?

No, the bus prices include pick ups all over the island, however, if you are staying in a Villa we will have to enquire with the coach company first as sometimes the access to certain villas is not accessible for the buses.

  • Is there a limit of distance with Wedding car?

Yes, the wedding car included in your package is for pick ups within the areas of: San Antonio, San Antonio Bay, Port D’es Torrent & Cala Tarida. Anywhere outside these areas will have an increase in the price.

  • Can We bring our own DJ?

Yes, although Cas Milà’s DJ will also be there to assist him/her and make sure the equipment is used properly. (There will be no discount from your package if you bring your own DJ, as mentioned above, the package is a closed price).

  • Can we tweak the timeline?

No, the timeline we have is set so that you have privacy during your ceremony (as there won’t be many people in the restaurant at that time) and also for your first dance & party.

Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings – Accommodation Options.

Cala Tarida
Sensatori Hotel. Book through Tui Or direct with Insotel
Insotel Club Tarida Playa 
Playa Sol Cala Tarida

San Antonio Bay
Sirenis Seaview Holiday Village
Paradiso Art Hotel (Adults only)
Amare Beach (Adults only)
Playa Bella Apartments
Azuline Hotel Bergantin
La Kiki Apartments
Alua Hotel Hawaii 

Cas Mila Weddings - Interactive Map

Other Bars & Restaurants

Cocktails and Fancy Meals: Cotton Club
Laid back sangrias and your toes in the sand: Ses Eufabies
Beachside Dining: Can Yucas

Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings are expertly taken care of by the resident planners, Jen & Hannah. They will look after you and every detail of your wedding with great care and professionalism. I should point out here that I am one of their recommended wedding photographers 🙂 So if you’re thinking of an Ibiza Wedding at Cas Mila then do stay with me and scroll down to see some more of my work. If you like then you can easily book. Just get in touch directly with the team and make a request as soon as your wedding date is confirmed. I’d love to be a part of your day!

Cas Mila Contact Details

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Thanks so much for stopping by and reading all about Cas Mila Ibiza Weddings. I’m always available to chat either by email or phone/whatsapp. I’d love to hear from you!

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Love, Anne xx

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