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DIY Family Photography Project

A Free & Easy Family Photography Project!

I think it’s fair to say we’re all a bit short on money and long on time at the moment. And it’s also fair to say that there’s a lot of us working and/or homeschooling indoors. Things can get a little boring! 

Usually right now I’m leaping around the island enjoying a full Ibiza photography calendar. Weddings and family photography interspersed with fun hen groups and the odd surprise proposal 🙂  It goes without saying that this year couldn’t be more different. I still want to be creative but with no subjects at the moment what to do.

So whilst talking to some (very worn out) friends with kids I came upon the idea of a DIY family photography project. It’s something you can do for free at home or out on a walk together. It’s also a fun way of getting the kids involved in photography whilst capturing forever these unique moments together as a family.

I’ll also be sharing the best, free places you can upload your photos to so that grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends can all see what you’ve been up to. It’s a brilliant way to keep in touch, which at the moment is so important. And it’s a special something you can treasure together forever. 

The following are all themes and ideas I’ve used myself for family shoots or found on the internet. You can choose just 1 or mix it up and do a few. It can be something which spans a few weeks or just one weekend and all you’ll need is a camera or smartphone. Either way enjoy yourselves and let me know how it goes, I’d love to see the results! 

My Tip: Treat each photo project as a story.
First a strong intro, with lots of behind the scenes action of each challenge being put together. Then a good middle, where the project itself is documented from as many angles as possible. Finish off with the final product or a nice shot all together. Decide as a family which images to keep, aim for between 30-40 as a good number.

The Challenges:

family photographyPainted Rocks.
Find some nice flat rocks out on a walk near home and get painting 🙂 Don’t forget to get some snaps of where the best rocks were found and how you got them all home! Keep things colourful and include some positive messages or hellos for loved ones. Make sure you add the date to them all and they’ll be a nice reminder of this time together. For photos try piling them up, keeping them all flat & spread out, or holding them all together for a selfie. Lighting can make all the difference too so check out a few different places around the house.
My Tip: Place near windows, this can give a nice lighting effect.





Get the kids to hide with your phone. They can take your picture as you look for them and then get a shot of your face when you find them!

Big Hug.
Most cameras and smartphones have a self timer option. Get to know how this works then set it for 10 seconds so you can all get into a big hug. Take a few different shots from lots of angles and see which one you like best.
My Tip: The tighter the squeeze the better the image!

Big Bake Off.
It could be the dreaded Banana bread or a messy victoria sponge, whichever you fancy creating get all the ingredients out and get your kids to document the whole process. You can then get some fun pics of them doing some exaggerated eating faces!





Family Obstacle Course.
Some serious imagination needed here as you create an unforgettable challenge around the house! Use everyday items such as brooms, mops and chairs and get some great up close shots. My Tip: most phones have an action shot setting so try this out along with some different angles. Your living room won’t thank you but I guarantee you’ll have a laugh!
You’ll find some great ideas here: https://www.fatherly.com/play/how-to-build-an-obstacle-course-living-room/

Create a Rainbow.family photography
If you haven’t already then get the painting gear and an old sheet out for a window rainbow and message for health workers. This is potentially a messy one, so a great opportunity for lots of colourful close ups.

Family Picnic.
You may or may not have a garden, but either way enjoy getting your recently baked goods set up on a big rug ready for demolition! Make it special by picking some flowers on your walk or decorating the area with some pretty things from around the house.
My Tip: This is a good one for a lying down selfie all together. The closer and more smooshed up the better!

Where to put your Family Photo Project.

You’ve had a great time taking pictures, you’re covered in flour and the living room’s a tip so what now? There’s some great free places available to put your photos and it’s super easy to share them with other family members and friends. My personal favourite is Google Photos. All you’ll need is a gmail account and you’re good to go. You can upload straight from your phone and easily create folders for each photo project. These can then be shared, either by email or by whatsapp. There’s also endless options to share everything directly to your social media. I personally love the photo assistant which will automatically edit and even create short photo films and suggests lots of fun things you can do with your images.

If you’re feeling more creative then you might like to start a Family Blog of your own. There are lots of free sites out there but things can get a bit messy and annoying when each one wants you to start paying for hosting etc. My very first blog was with https://www.blogger.com/ which is so easy to use and also allows you to upload directly from your Google photos albums. You’ll get a link as if it’s your own website and you can accompany your galleries with as much text as you like. Perfect if you fancy getting a bit more into the photo-blogging world 🙂
For some more options this post has lots of other free blogging sites you can try https://themeisle.com/blog/best-free-blogging-sites/

If you have any more ideas for your family photo project I’d love to hear them!! You can contact me any time at ibizaphotographyweddings@gmail.com
Or take a look through my Instagram and contact me there.

For any families wanting a shoot with me I’d love to come along to your hotel or favourite Ibiza spot and make that happen!
Here’s what’s included in a family photography shoot:

  • 1 hour (can be more) of relaxed, stress free photography.
  • I come to you or recommend some beautiful spots on the Island.
  • Between 60-80 edited images delivered within a week.
  • Fully accessible on-line gallery with unlimited downloads.
  • Quick gallery for social media sharing.

With Love, Anne xx ♥

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