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Meet the Elixir Ibiza Wedding Planner!

This week I’m at Elixir Ibiza which is perfectly located, perched upon a cliff overlooking Cala Codolar Beach and Es Vedra. Elixir is a dedicated wedding only venue, what does that mean? It means they only do weddings. No food service on the side, no beach goers wandering around behind your ceremony, no blow up doughnuts or huge pizza slices in the background! If you’re looking for a dedicated customer focused service with amazing food and stunning views this is the place for you.

So who is the Elixir Ibiza wedding planner? Ok so strictly speaking Vickki is the owner over at Elixir and Leah Lyons is officially the planner. But I knew that Vickki has tons of experience and interesting things to share so I’ve interviewed her too 🙂

The Interviews.

You have 2 interviews for the price of 1 here 🙂 I’ve started off with the owner Vickki…

  • When and why did you first come to Ibiza?

I first came to Ibiza 15 years ago to pursue a DJ-ing career (I was a lawyer at the time). I fell in love with the island but not with the music industry so decided to stay and the only other thing I knew how to do was cook so I became a private chef working in the fashion industry. Eventually I catered and planned my first wedding and loved it so decided to keep on doing it and 1000 weddings later I’m still loving every minute.

  • What was your first wedding job?

It was for a lovely couple called Belinda and Tom, who actually now live in Ibiza..a great way to start weddings, I couldn’t have wished for a nicer couple.

  • Tell us about Elixir Ibiza and how it came about?

The site of elixir was a very run down restaurant, we went to see it years before buying it and loved the vibe and location. Despite the amount of work that it needednwe could see the potential and of course THE VIEWS!

  • What’s the Elixir planning process?

We recommend a lovely planner at elixir to organise the details of the day leahlyons@yourweddingangel.com – she helps couples make their dream day come to reality.
We organise the food and drinks directly with the couples. We have a very fancy (he he) online system created by a very clever man for us… its such an amazing system and gives the couple complete & personalised options for the days food & drinks.

  • How do you work with couples to ensure a stress free Ibiza Wedding?

Just being super organised in advance and responsive whenever we are asked questions. We try to also anticipate the couples needs so that we already have the options and solutions to anything they’re not sure about.

  • Your top tips for a calm Ibiza bride:

I think its important to understand that the guests attending your wedding are there because they love you. They are not judging you or your choices, so just choose what you love…with the one you LOVE.
Enjoy the day in the moment, not for the photos, not for the WOW comments, just for YOU, just for LOVE.
Remember that if you leave everything to the last minute, it will be a stressful last minute! Making plans (and actually following them through) is very important in planning your wedding.
OH and lastly, don’t worry about the table plan. It really doesn’t matter who sits where. So many couples get super stressed about it and in the end everyone is mingling anyway and enjoying themselves.

  • What are this summer’s favourite colours/decor choices so far?

Blush Pink is still very popular, I love pink so am always happy, although I do love some different colour concepts like navy and rose gold with cactus flowers.

  • What’s the most unusual request you’ve received?
  • There have been a few… but I guess it still amazes me that people want Gluten free, vegan, egg free, nut free cake! ha ha.
    Can the waitresses wear sparkly thong bikini’s?
    Can we have a piñata full of glow sticks.
    Can we have a air balloon arrive on the terrace.
    Can we have a walk in song for every guest.
    Hot pink light up flamingos down the aisle.
    Mother of the bride wanted to do a first dance (by herself)
    Can we have 3 people per table instead of 10… The list never ends with weddings and that’s why we love it!
  • Finally your favourite Ibiza, beach, restaurant, place to wind down.
  • Beach – Cala Codolar (of course he he)
  • Restaurant – Beach House Playa den Bossa. https://www.beachouseibiza.com/
  • Spa – 7 Pines. https://www.7pines.com/ibiza/en/home.html

The Planner – Leah Lyons 

elixir ibiza wedding plannerHow did you first meet Vickki?
She was my wedding planner and caterer for my own Ibiza wedding 9 years ago. I instantly fell in love with her and her food and her passion.

How did you end up working with her?
I had to step down from my role as sales and business manager when I became pregnant with my first child and decided to set up my own wedding planning business in the UK and Ibiza. I had kept in contact with Vickki from my wedding and we started to work together and it grew from there .

How does the booking process work?
Once you have booked your wedding at Elixir I am your go to planner. I help with booking all your suppliers and choosing your venue food and drink and answering general questions for the couples.

Tell us a bit more about Your Wedding Angelhttps://www.yourweddingangel.com/
It was created after I planned my own wedding from the UK. I loved planning it and knew I could help other couples do the same. I have a real passions for weddings and planning.

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has asked for?
A donkey to walk them down the aisle like Mama Mia. Don’t think Vickki would have been very happy about that!

Your favourite places in in Ibiza for relaxing, eating, enjoying life
I love Hostal La Torre – best sunset and tapas and cocktails 🙂 https://www.latorreibiza.com/en/

It was so lovely to have interviewed these 2 who like me love what they do! Through my years as an Ibiza Photographer I’ve met so so many people who proclaim to be an Ibiza Wedding expert or offer a service which I just know won’t make the grade. At Elixir you are truly in the best and safest hands and it’s a joy to shoot there. So if you’re enjoyed my chat with these Elixir Ibiza wedding planners and would like to know more then please feel free to get in touch with either Leah or Vickki.

I can also guess you may be looking for a photographer 🙂 If that’s the case I’d love to hear from you too.

Whatsapp 0034 699 81 46 66

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