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What exactly should you expect from your Wedding Photographer?

You’ve spent lots of time investigating photographers on Instagram/Facebook/websites and you already know the style you like. But then once you’ve decided, what’s next? What expectations should you have for your Ibiza wedding photographer, and what can they expect from you?
Choosing your wedding photographer is very personal. It’s an essential element of the day and the images are going to live with you for a lifetime. Therefore, it’s important both yours and your photographer’s expectations are clear and compatible from the outset. It will make things so much easier later on!


ibiza wedding photographer

Most wedding photography packages will include getting ready. Some couples would like both bride and groom coverage, whilst others would just like to focus on the bridal party. This is the first thing to clarify. If you’re both in the same place getting ready, a villa for example then your photographer will have no problem capturing both bride and groom. However, if you would prefer a more thorough coverage, you’re in 2 hotels or even in the same hotel but in different rooms this may not be possible. It’s often recommendedexpectations wedding photographer in these situations to have a second shooter on board.


It’s up to you how much preparation to include, but as a guide it’s usually 1-2 hours before the bride leaves for the venue. If the dress is on and you’ve a moment for the first time reveal to family 15-20 minutes before you set off that’s amazing! Then your photographer can happily skip off to the venue, set up and have a few moments with the groom before your make your arrival.

Arrival at the Venue…

Every photographer knows that those moments between arrival and the start of a wedding can be very tense. So your arrival and photos with bridesmaids & family are all taken calmly and quickly. It’s ideal to discuss with your photographer beforehand if you would like any additional photos at this point. It’s easy to forget with so much happening all at once.

The Ceremony…

ibiza wedding photography

Things happen quickly during a wedding ceremony. It can be easy for small but important details to be missed. Be sure to talk your wedding photographer through the ceremony you’ve created with your celebrant and outline and special moments which aren’t to be missed.

The Couple shots…

A moment of dread for most! But with good communication beforehand, this should be an enjoyable moment for you both. It’s where your wedding photographermost amazing photos get created, the ones you’ll want to share forever. We understand that most people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. If you are nervous about this moment, be sure to tell your photographer this. They will put you at ease and explain the process.

It’s also recommended finding out from your venue how much time you will have for the couple shots and what time they will happen. Sunset in Ibiza no matter which side of the island you are on is a super important time for the best photos. Find out in advance what time the sun sets on your date and ask for your timings to make allowances for this moment. We may also need to take a guest or 2 to help us, so it’s good to have asked them in advance if that will be ok. As a final note, don’t forget the flip flops! Even if the bride puts on her shoes at the beach, it’s essential that she can arrive there safely and we also avoid very unhappy feet!

The Meal…

No one likes a photo of themselves eating so usually this is your photographer’s break time and will put the camera down for a while until the speeches begin.

Cutting the cake and the First dance…

wedding photographerOnce the speeches are over your wedding planner will usually get the party started by asking you to cut the cake if you have one and then begin your first dance. As these events usually unfold naturally, your photographer will be on hand for each moment. However, if there are any surprises or out of the ordinary events planned, then let your photographer know. They will want to be in the right place at the right time getting the best photos possible. 



Your Wedding Essentials…

  • The full name and a map if needed of where you’re staying.
  • Mobile contact details for the photographer and make sure they have yours.
  • List of possible helpers on the day for group photos and the couple shoot.
  • Flip Flops!
  • List of any special moments or events which will take place. When they are scheduled to happen and where.
  • Sunset timings.
  • What happens if things run over? Does your photographer charge for extra hours?
  • Have Fun! It’s the best day of your lives!

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