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How Long do you Need a Wedding Photographer for to Guarantee Awesome Photos?

How Can you Decide How Long to Book Your Ibiza Wedding Photographer?

After the venue, your wedding photographer is the next most important thing to choose. Yes, I’m biased 🙂 But how can you know how long you need? More hours means more of your precious budget spent, but if you can’t decide between choosing full day services or contracting extra hours then how can you know if you’ve done the right thing for you? Read on to find out how long you need to book your wedding photographer for and make sure you’ve got all the photo coverage you’ll need.

how long do you need a wedding photographer forSo how long do you need a wedding photographer for? Is 4 hours enough time for my Ibiza Wedding Photography?

Yes totally! If you’re having an Ibiza Wedding from 10 to 30 guests and you’re having the ceremony & reception in the same place, then this option will definitely work for you.

4 hours of photography will allow you enough wedding coverage with all the basic essentials taken care of.

The Wedding Photography You Can Expect to Receive:

  • Guests Arrival
  • Bride’s Arrival
  • Ceremony
  • Family & Group Shots
  • Couple Photography

The Ibiza Wedding Photography Essentials:

Guests Arrival & Venue Details.how long do you need a wedding photographer forThat happy, bouncy moment when your guests first arrive, looking their best and feeling excited. This time is perfect for casual shots of family and friends looking immaculate and enjoying those first moments in your gorgeous ceremony area. If a nervous groom is available, these are brilliant pictures, just before he sees the bride coming down the aisle. It’s also ideal to capture all those pretty details and lovely wedding decor.

Brides Arrival.
It’s a big moment. And a big deal! The Bride’s arrival is a very special moment, full of excitement and nerves and makes for some of the loveliest photos of the day.

-Photographers Tip: Take it slow. Nerves abound and it’s normal for brides to dive straight out of the wedding car and hurry to get ready to go down the aisle. A slow and serene exit as misty eyed bridesmaids and family gaze on makes for the type of photos you’ll treasure. It’s your day, you look awesome, so take as much time as you can with every moment.

This moment of the day is in the hands of the celebrant and in theory you can relax whilst they do their thing. Your photographer will capture this moment from every angle possible, so you’ll always get a great selection of special images.

-Photographers Tip: Breathe and smile! It’s normal to be nervous, but don’t forget to be yourselves and be comfortable with one another. Many couples feel so anxious about what they can and can’t do, or how they should stand, they forget to enjoy it! Hold hands, take a moment to share a kiss and a smile. Your celebrant will be happy to wait while you get comfortable, so take the time if you need it.

Family & Group Shots.
Yes, it’s that time! No one’s favourite moment of the day except perhaps for an older relative who somehow knows every single combination of family members… I know a few photographers who refuse to do these shots as they can get time consuming and are so unnatural, but I believe in a balance. It’s lovely to look back on some nice group pictures with your closest family and friends.

-Photographers Tip: Be firm about how many of these pictures you want. Set aside half an hour during your wedding planning to write a list of your must-have groups. Make 2 copies, one for yourself, one for your photographer and one for your most sensible/helpful bridesmaid. Your most sensible BM will then help the photographer on the day with the gathering of guests in the right combinations. Quick, stress-free group shots are the best group shots!

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how much time do you need your wedding photographer forCouple Photography.
THE essential photos of any wedding day. Lots of couples feel very nervous about this moment. That’s normal but your photographer will work hard to put you at your ease so you know what to expect and make sure it’s in your style. Once you’re a few photos in I promise it will get easier! When you receive your images, you’ll love what you see, even if you were dying inside on the day!

-Photographers Tip: Take 1 or 2 helpers but not more. And certainly no guests who ‘just want to get a few snaps of their own’ It’s very helpful to have a couple of trusted friends alongside as they will put you at your ease, but any more than this becomes a distraction. Even worse, it can seriously eat into your photo time, time you can’t get back because of dwindling light. So a polite ‘stay and enjoy yourselves, we’ll be back soon’ is usually enough.

In Conclusion:

Whilst it might seem quite short, 4 hours can be enough to get all the essential Ibiza wedding photos you’ll love. If your guests number under 30 and you only want the core moments covered, then this is the option for you.

When you’ll need more than 4 hours of photography: 

If you have over 30 guests, this can become a challenge for your photographer to do a thorough job. Also consider if you have booked any extra elements. A musician or entertainment can mean your photographer will run out of time, so it’s worth considering an extra hour in this case.

You may also like to include the getting ready. This time can be very special and have a completely different feel to it compared to the busy wedding itself. There are also the speeches and the first dance/start of the party. These are fun moments which really lend themselves to photography. Together they can add a complete feeling to your day which means you’ve included all the best, most beautiful Ibiza Wedding moments.

If you’re still undecided about how long you need a wedding photographer for then I’d recommend really considering how much of the day’s events you can live without. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and your professional wedding photos are the only thing that will remain as fresh and gorgeous as the day itself.

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