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Ibiza Beach Wedding Photography Ideas

Ibiza beach photography ideas


Ibiza Beach Wedding PhotographyIbiza Beach Wedding Photography Ideas

The ceremony has finished and you’ve had a couple of glasses of fizz with your guests. Now’s the time for the couple shoot. You’re lucky enough to be having your wedding in Ibiza so it’s likely you’ll be having your pictures on the beach. Ibiza is famous for its spectacular scenery & you’ll be wanting some great shots, so this part of the day is crucial.

What Can I Expect?

First of all don’t worry! Everyone feels nervous at this point. I’ve had lots of experience guiding couples and I like to make this part of the day as stress free as possible. I’ll suggest some easy directions so you’ll always know what you’re doing. Then you can just be yourself! My work is creating a comfortable atmosphere so I’ll begin by finding a good spot for us to start off. That done we can get you both in position. It usually only takes a few moments and we’ll probably have a bridesmaid or two on hand to help us. From there we can get going. I use techniques which have been tried and tested and should put you at your ease. Thinking of happy moments, just talking to one another, looking into each others eyes etc. It sounds silly but it all makes for some fun shots which is a great start. There will be a good mixture of middle distance to portrait so you don’t have to worry about a lens being constantly close by. I find this approach simple but effective and as we go on you’ll find yourselves relaxing and hopefully enjoying the experience!

In total you’ll be gone for all of half an hour, we’ll work quickly and I promise it will fly by.

The couple shoots are so important but they needn’t be anything to feel anxious about. To give you an idea of what your beach photography will look like I’ve put together some of my Ibiza Beach Wedding photography favourites. Every Ibiza wedding is different but this will give you a good idea of my style and hopefully some inspiration when you’re thinking of the photos you want.

Have a scroll through and I’d love to hear if you have any more ideas I can add!

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