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My 1st 2019 Ibiza Couple Shoot at Coco Beach.

ibiza couple shoot

Ibiza Couple Shoot – Nimesh & Kirti

Nimesh and Kirti got in contact with me way back in winter with the idea of putting together an Ibiza couple shoot. They were in Ibiza as guests of a friends’ wedding at Elixir and with their own wedding coming up thought it would make a great photo reel for the reception.
Whenever a couple books me for a shoot the first thing to do is get out and investigate. So with that in mind I had already spent a lovely morning in April walking the beach, climbing the rocks, finding some great photo spots and generally enjoying my job!

Living in Ibiza for 20 years means I know a few nice places 🙂 And I’m always happy to share them with my couples. If we’re not heading somewhere specific then the best place to go is close to where you’ll be staying. It makes things easier for you and means it doesn’t take too much time out of your day. This also turned out to be very handy as we had worked in an outfit change into the time.
Nimesh and Kirti were staying in the Palladium Palace White Island which sits almost at the end of Playa den Bossa beach. The obvious meeting place was the very lovely Coco Beach bar (great for sitting back and watching the waves btw!) From there we could have the best of both worlds, beach and some lovely rocky areas.

So we were off. First we crossed a small bridge and then headed up towards the tower above. The blue sea and sky was just so, well blue, it was amazing! And perfect for photos. It’s important at this early stage to get relaxed. Unless you’re a professional model or superstar it’s safe to say you’re not used to having your photo taken. This is why it’s so important to not only take nice pictures but to know how to put people at their ease. Something I’ve been working to perfect all this time!





After getting settled and getting some lovely shots we were off again and back to the hotel for an outfit change. The beach was the destination. I think it’s safe to say the now relaxed Nimesh and Kurti looked great in their matching blue outfits, against that backdrop it was just perfect! 





If  you’re coming to Ibiza this summer and would like an Ibiza Couple Shoot then I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch at info@ibizaphotography or on Whatsapp +34 699 814666

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