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My Top 10 Ibiza Photography Favourites. Cala D’hort

My Top 10 Ibiza Photography Favourites.

Usually I’m up and about and leaping around the island right now. June is a very busy month for Ibiza Photography and with good reason. The weather is warm and the island looks lovely. This year is very different, for now we have the place to ourselves.

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Lockdown here was super strict and we weren’t even allowed out to exercise until about week 7! Thankfully our extreme confinement now means that we can now go out and about as we like. We’re just missing a few visitors to complete the scene ♥ With all this free time on my hands I wanted to get back out there by compiling a list of my very favourite places; all those spots I’ve enjoyed most over the years. Small coves, high cliffs, fisherman’s huts, countryside corners and white washed villages, I’d love to share them all with you. First up is fabulous Cala D’hort. A firm favourite for its beach and cliff tops.

Ibiza Photography Favourites – Cala D’hort.

Cala d’Hort is on the west coast of Ibiza. The beach is in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia and is 13.3 miles (21.4 km) west of Ibiza town. The village of Sant Josep de sa Talaia is 7.0 miles (11.3 km) east of the beach.

For me Cala D’hort has it all. I’ve been very fortunate to have had every kind of shoot here. It’s perfect for them all.

Families: will love the beach and fisherman’s huts. There’s also boats to sit in, piers to explore and rocks to jump all over. The stunning backdrop of Es Vedra is ever present and makes every photo extra special.

Couples: have endless areas for loved up pics. The walks along the seafront at sunset just look amazing, whilst there are also some great little rocky corners and palm fringed shady spots for more cosy moments.
And for couples with a surprise in mind Cala D’hort is perfect ♥ I LOVE proposals and more than that I love surprise proposals. It just blows me away how thoughtful these fellas are and how far they’ve come for this special moment. Literally from all over the world! Tears of joy guaranteed ♥

Small Ceremonies: The cliffs around Cala D’hort are amazing! And one of the best things about this area is there’s always somewhere perfect for an intimate wedding, even in August. The backdrop is just stunning and the best bit is that after the photos there are some super romantic and beautiful restaurants where you can raise a glass of chilled cava sangria afterwards!

For more info about Ibiza Small Ceremonies you can head to my blog post created just for couples who would like to create their own special moment in Ibiza.

And Finally…

Did you know that the island of Es Vedra was once home to a wild goat population? How they ended up living there is something of a mystery which stretches back to the early 90s. But it was their demise in 2016 which drew the most attention. After much arguing the local government decided they were doing too much damage to the islands’ native flora and fauna. This meant that they should be culled. A series of protests then erupted on the island and then tragically it was the end of an era. Talk suggests that not every goat was got, so you never know, they may already be multiplying and back, leaping around the rock in a few years’ time!

I’ll be back next week with another Ibiza Photography favourite. Until then stay safe and keep hoping. One day soon we’ll be welcoming visitors back and it’ll be even more special ♥

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