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Ibiza Weddings. My favourite Photos, Venues and Beaches.

ibiza weddingsMy favourite Ibiza Weddings…

Are you dreaming of an Ibiza Wedding? Then imagine no more. It’s a great idea and totally what you should do! 

Ibiza weddings have been hot stuff for over 10 years now and with good reason. Far from being the mass market mayhem you’ll find in the Caribbean & other places Ibiza can offer a highly personalised and one-off experience. One you’ll be reminiscing about forever. Probably much to the annoyance of family and friends! But who cares?! 

As you’ve already found your way to my site (thank you for visiting!) you’ll know that I’m Anne Walker – Ibiza Photography. So introducing myself quickly. I’m a long time Ibiza resident and wedding/family photographer. Originally from London I now have over 10 years wedding experience. In all this time I’ve discovered 2 important things… That Ibiza is never a mistake, and that every Ibiza wedding is highly individual & loved by all. My favourite thing to hear from guests is that they would never have usually come to “somewhere like Ibiza” but have now changed their minds and have fallen in love with the Island. 

With all this experience and loooootttts of Ibiza weddings completed I think it’s nice to share a few of my favourite photos. All those amazing Ibiza venues, beaches, sunsets and hidden corners that I have loved the most. Some of these places you’ll know but some you won’t. So for more info or to know more about any of the locations then please get in touch now for a chat 🙂 


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