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7 Ibiza Wedding Photography Tips to Guarantee Amazing Photos

Ibiza Wedding Photography Made Easy…

Do you enjoy posing? I bet I can guess the answer to that!
Hands down THE sentence I hear most from couples is ‘we’re not really very posey’ or ‘we’re not really camera people.’ This is often whispered to me at the end of our wedding meeting along with a bit of a grimace!

First up don’t worry 🙂 Hardly anyone feels accustomed to being in front of a camera. A few seconds at a time for a quick snap or selfie is the limit for most of us. That’s where your photographer comes in. I’ve been an Ibiza Wedding Photographer for over 10 years and love to put you at your ease. When couples tell me things like ‘we really enjoyed that’ or ‘that was actually good fun.’ I love it, to me that’s job done!

So to put your mind at rest I’m going to share with you my best wedding photography tips to ensure you have a stress free experience and get the photos you’ll love.

My top 7 Ibiza Wedding Photography Tips:

  1. Shake it out and relax.
  2. Enlist the helpers
  3. Breathe and let your face be natural.
  4. Don’t stop moving
  5. Stay flexible, keep those shoulders down
  6. Take a moment
  7. Feel the love!


1. Shake it out.
The best photos always happen when you’re relaxed. Think of those happy holiday pictures with friends. So the first thing to do is have a little shake. Release the tension and feel more at ease. Does this look silly? It does but don’t worry it helps me too so we can all look mad together!

2. Enlist the helper(s)
When we meet before the day itself, one thing we’ll discuss are helpers. Now this may seem slightly odd having to engage your bridesmaids or friends to help you with your clothes but trust me it really works. Not only does this mean your dress/veil/hair are always perfect, but having people you know and feel comfortable with helps make you relax and laugh. This is turn is great for me!

3. Breath and be Natural.
Focus on your breathing and don’t make too much effort with your faces. Natural and neutral can look so good. Be yourself!

4. Don’t stop moving.
If you’re moving, then you’re creating photos. Whether it’s swooshing the veil. Looking at the rings together. Doing different things with your hands. It’s all good and saves you from feeling like you’re stuck. I love directing these moments. But believe it or not, you’ll soon get the hang of it and will create tons of great moments yourselves.

5. Stay flexible.
It’s amazing how quickly the stiff shoulders can set in. Keep them low and keep your arms with a slight bend. That goes for your body too! Dropping your weight to one side with relaxed arms can change an ok image to one with wow.

6. Take a moment.
It’s your day and you’re in Ibiza! The best place in the world to get married. So I often back away and just let you be. Take in the surroundings, sit for a moment, talk and laugh. These photos will look amazing afterwards.


7. Feel the love.
Be close and tell each other how in love you are. Looking into each other’s eyes may sound cheesy but try it and I bet you’ll get the best smile back! This by the way is also a great photo!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ibiza Wedding Photography Tips and that it’s put you more at ease when thinking about your Special Day!

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