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16 May 2021

Ibiza Wedding Venue Questions. The 10 Things to Know Before you Book.

Ibiza Wedding Venue Questions. The Things You Need to Know... Firstly congratulations! If you’re reading this, then you’ve got engaged and you’re thinking of getting married in Ibiza. With that choice I already know you have impeccable taste!  One of the first things, if not the very first thing to book is your venue. This choice should reflect you and your personalities and also be amazing for your guests. So not much to ask then! Ibiza is bursting with beautiful wedding [...]
06 Oct 2020

2021 Ibiza Weddings. How to plan and feel positive!

How to stay focused and positive about your 2021 Ibiza Wedding. 2020 has been horrible. It may well have left you in despair about your wedding, sobbing into your veil and wondering if you will ever get down the aisle. And 2021 seems so uncertain. So should we have any reason to feel good about our 2021 Ibiza weddings? And how can you feel positive and focused on your planning? I’m totally in this with you – I’ve felt all […]

31 Aug 2020

My Top 7 Ibiza Wedding Photography Tips

Ibiza Wedding Photography Made Easy... Do you enjoy posing? I bet I can guess the answer to that!Hands down THE sentence I hear most from couples is ‘we’re not really very posey’ or ‘we’re not really camera people.’ This is often said at the end of our wedding meeting in a kind of whisper with a grimace to accompany it! First up don’t worry :-) Hardly anyone feels accustomed to being in front of a camera. A few seconds at a time for [...]