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The Biggest Ibiza Wedding Trends for this Summer!

All the latest and lovliest Ibiza Wedding Trends!

It’s time to get excited! If you’re planning an Ibiza wedding then #tTake a small break, sit back and read on to see what the Ibiza Wedding Trends will be…. I hope you enjoy it and as always for any Ibiza questions please feel free to get in touch. I’m always around for a chat xx

The Ibiza Wedding Trends Full List: 

ibiza wedding trendsPersonalised Neon Wedding Signs.
These are going to to be sooooo popular this summer. According to Pinterest searches for “neon wedding sign” are up 281%! They are created just for you in a range of colours and prices start at ____ And I can personally vouch for how awesome they will look in your photos!

Thankfully help is at hand if you’re not sure where to find them. The lovely Katie at Ibiza Flower Walls is taking lots of orders for these at the moment and can guarantee to create something you’ll love. See their Instagram… https://www.instagram.com/ibiza_flower_walls/



Bold Decor.ibiza wedding trends
Forget playing it safe with those pastel hues and muted tones. Colour is in! Think dark purples, deep reds or hot pinks, it all looks amazing set against those perfect Ibiza blue skies. Or maybe you’d like to add some extra impact to the dining area? Patterned or sparkly table runners are an easy and economical way to make every table uniquely yours and is sure to turn up the wow on the decor!

Check in with Charity.
I see a lot of Ibiza Weddings over the summer which means lots of wedding favours. 2020 will see couples making a big saving on plastic waste from all those gifts and trinkets. Opt instead to create a donation to a worthy cause close to your hearts. 

ibiza wedding trendsMicro Weddings.
Bet you’re relieved to hear this one! Destination weddings whilst undoubtedly amazing can as I’m sure you already know be rather stressful! Whilst there’re the financials to consider, you’ll also find that organising a large group can be tough. After all it doesn’t matter how many helpful info emails you send, there will still be a ton of messages asking about timings & food the day before you leave! So think very nearest and dearest only. This leaves more time (and money) for making the day truly your own. Personalising as much as possible and spending more time with each hand-picked guest. In my experience 40-60 is the golden number. 

Mix It Up.
Nothing says you’re gonna love this wedding like the introduction of an amazing cocktail bar. You won’t be surprised to hear that Ibiza does this 100% right. Enquire at your venue as lots are now providing separate gin or mojito bar options. Either using their bar or super cool food trucks which I found out at a recent Paissa den Bernat Wedding 🙂 All options come complete with cool decor and experienced mixers on hand to take your wedding to the next level.  

ibiza wedding trends

Veggies and Vegans.
We all knew it was coming and it’s about time! All decent Ibiza wedding venues will offer plant based options but how about choosing some stand alone main dishes or sharing platters for all your guests? Ibiza has some great locally grown produce which will not only please those animals but also keep those food miles to a minimum too. Win win! 

Bubbles and Fresh Petals.
Not just for drinking and decoration. Bubbles, fresh petals or both make for a lovely end of ceremony aisle exit and guarantee some great photos too! And they are much kinder to the environment, earning you extra amazing images and plenty of smug points too (just keep the bubble bottles recyclable!) 

Keep it Green.
It’s only normal to want to personalise your wedding day and there’s just so many great decor and gift ideas out there. But all of these usually come plastic wrapped and as is the nature of a one off day each item then becomes very single use. Wedding trends for 2020 are definitely all about keeping the packaging to a minimum but you can really help by going a step further. Ibiza is a tiny island and very over stretched in Summer. Resources are limited and you can imagine how much extra waste there is to deal with. Think flip flops, sunglasses and fans. These all come individually wrapped. Taking some extra time to responsibly dispose of as much packaging before you arrive in Ibiza will help the island so much and will mean that your wedding venue doesn’t get left swamped in a load of plastic which it then has to throw away. The island will thank you! 

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope these Ibiza Wedding Trends have inspired and helped you with your own wedding planning 🙂

To book  your relaxed wedding photography or to ask me anything about your Ibiza wedding then please email or message me anytime!

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