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Ibiza Wedding Venues. The Questions to Ask Before you Book.

The questions you need to ask when planning your 2021 & 2022 Ibiza Wedding…

ibiza wedding venuesFirstly congratulations! If you’re reading this, then you’ve got engaged and you’re thinking of getting married in Ibiza. With that choice I already know you have impeccable taste!  One of the first things, if not the very first thing to book is your venue. This choice should reflect you and your personalities and also be amazing for your guests. So not much to ask then! Ibiza is bursting with beautiful wedding venues. Beaches, Clifftops, Gardens, Villas, there’s something for every couple. But how do you choose which one is best for you? And especially when you’re so far away? I’ve lived in Ibiza for over 20 years and I think I’ve seen almost every wedding venue on the Island. These are my top questions to ask. Whether it’s in person or by email/phone call no matter what type of wedding you’re dreaming of these are the things you must know…


The Ibiza Wedding Venue Questions to consider…


Not only does your Ibiza Wedding Venue need to wow you, but you also need to find it! From personal experience there are a fair amount of places which although amazing require lots of map work and sturdy vehicles to get to them. If you are visiting in person (which I recommend) then you should time how long it takes to arrive at each potential venue. Was it difficult to find? Can a minibus or coach park close by? Remember your guests will not arrive prepared for a cross-country hike! 


It’s likely you’ll have a mixture of families and older guests at your Ibiza Wedding. Will they be able to move easily around the venue? Is it safe? Whilst a cliff-side stunner might be your dream, would your guests feel the same?
Make sure you check where each part of the day will take place and how guests will get between each area. 

Ceremony Area

Where is this? Is there shade and will it be peaceful when your ceremony takes place? Some Ibiza Wedding Venues are next to big hotels. Your viewing might take place in the morning so you may miss how noisy things can get for your ceremony and reception. Be sure to ask about this. 

Photo Opportunities

It’s important to know when your wedding photographer will have time to take pictures. If you’re having group shots done with family and friends, when does this usually take place and where. Also it’s essential to know where your couple shoot will be and how much time you’ll have for photos. Is it easy to access the beach if there is one? These are all good things to know about your venue. 


Is your Ibiza Wedding Venue just for you and your guests? To guarantee a perfect day it’s essential to not share it with sand-covered randoms! Just my opinion but good to know in advance what the situation is and if you must pay extra to ensure you have the venue to yourselves. 

Ceremony Timings

What time will your ceremony take place? Options are usually either 6.30pm with a 1 or 2am finish or an early afternoon start with a midnight finish. Your group may include lots of families or be purely you and your mates. Will you want to go on somewhere else afterwards? These are all important things to consider when choosing your Ibiza Wedding Venue.

Venue Audio

Or how loud can we go?! It’s surprising to many, but Ibiza has some pretty strict noise laws and a local police happy to shut down a noisy party. Venues with an indoor party area can offer a decent party with good levels of music and sometimes until late. Or you may prefer the sand between your toes and an under the stars vibe… if so then be ready for a midnight finish and lower sound levels.


Super important at the moment and going forward. Should you be unable, or indeed uncomfortable about travelling once your date comes around what policy does your venue have in place? It’s important to ask and have clear exactly how many times you can postpone and how soon before the day you can do this. Will there be a fee or will you lose a deposit already paid. Most of Ibiza’s most popular and professional venues will have no problem helping you with these queries. 

Hygiene & Safety

We’re all very aware of new levels of cleanliness and hygiene and your Ibiza Wedding Venue is no exception. Important questions to ask are how guests will be treated on arrival, what can they expect and how will things play out during the day. A quick scan around should tell everything you need to know but there’s no harm asking and having things clear.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you’re planning and Ibiza Wedding then I’d love to hear from you. If you’re not sure where to begin or have any other Ibiza wedding venue questions then I’m happy to have a chat. You can mail me at info@ibizaphotography.com or call/whatsapp +34 699814666

Anne xx

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